FREE Internet at MOA

This is my first post done in public. If not for my health (high BP, hypertension), I could still be stuck in my cubicle, err, room pounding the keyboards and working my ass off. Past three straight days, I have been going out to get air, dust and social interaction eh? Socializing in net wont give you the vibe of actually going around town. Now chilling (or fuckin perspiring because of the extra-HOT kilawin we ordered ten minutes ago at Gerrys) in here at MOA.

Here at Mall Of Asia, you got FREE internet wifi connection everywhere. This could still be up perhaps around 10PM (9pm as I make this entry) closing time. If you happen to carry your notebook, free net over here, in front of CENTER STAGE, art gallery lane, right side of MOA if you are facing Manila Bay (at the DELL call center side). I just hope I wont get jail stealing the feed.

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Over the weekend, I checked out some of my stuff at my mother's house and I found some items that I may be able to sell at eBay and other online marketplace. I also have some new items that I can sell at discounted prices (shoe, printer, ipod shuffle) so I decided to create a new account at eBay. My sort of personal ebay account.

Check it out, I may have some stuff that you need, you'll absolutely get a bargain. :-)

I chose to have "kwarta-o-kahon" as my new ID. Every now and then, I'll check my email to see if Tito Pepe is coming in and suing my ass off.

Because I am a sucker for registering domain and not doing anything about it, I'll register that domain right about now.

Here's my page listing. I got car parts, printers, shoes and MP3 player for sale. Grab it.

Next weekend, I'll be posting a Pentium III PC, Bench Shoes/Sneakers, Girbaud Shoes, Girbaud Wallet perhaps, Defective Water Boiler, Brand New Backpack Laptop Bag, etc.

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Oasis Feat. Beatles

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I So Love This John Lennon T-Shirt

Had a break today (tonight) and to old Mall of Asia we went. Me and my wife. Yes, I just tied the knot last month. No blog entry about that. News black-out (blog-out) huh?

Anyways, while there at MOA, I bought a soon-to-be favorite shirt of all time. A People Are People John Lennon t-shirt. Cost is only P700. I say only coz some PrP shirts go over 3000 pesos. If you are into music, rock or pop culture in general, celebrity stamped T and you just wanna have a cooler shirt, People Are People makes the grade.

Been wanting to have a Lennon or a Beatles shirt for a while now, I can't find a good one. Tonight is the night. I found a nice print, pure cotton and a nice fit. I was to get another one, Alice Cooper themed, but my size wasn't available. So I'll be back soon at PrP and shall overhaul my Solo t-shirt line-up that's 1 to 2 years old now. Revolution!

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Try Out Yahoo! Answers

Lately, search engine result pages have been coughing up more and more Yahoo! Answers pages. If you haven't notice it yet, now you will.

Clearly, these social networking sites are turning out to be good tool for internet marketers. I am one. These sites can be used to generate more traffic.

As I mentioned, for example the Yahoo! Answers, search engine (including Google) is picking up on these user generated QnAs content. If you own a site, say a basketball site or you do I.T. niche blog, it could help generate more traffic if you can just be a little more active in there.

Well, I gotta to try what I am preaching. I'll try to answer some at Yahoo! Answers and see if I can bump up my linked sites' traffic. What's nice about Yahoo Answers is that it has pointing system, the more questions you answer or better, the more questions you resolve, the higher your level will be. Giving you more authority and more leads perhaps.

Try it. I will. Later.

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Compaq Presario V3325 (V3000 Series) Laptop

I said Ill post a separate entry for this, here it is.

I mentioned yesterday that I got myself a new laptop to make myself even more productive (I hope), even whilst on the go. I mentioned too why I needed an upgrade. To cut the story short, my MSI-610 sized 15.4 widescreen is bloody heavy to carry around. Widescreen used to be hot, today, it's not.

So, to the hardware...

isn't that smooth?

It's Compaq Presarion V3325. Complete specs below.

• Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2350
• (2MB L2 cache, 1.86GHz, 533MHz FSB)
• Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset
• 512MB Standard Memory (Later upgraded to 1GB. See story below.)
• 80GB Hard Disk Drive
• 14.1" (35.81cm) WXGA High-Definition BrightView Widescreen Display
• Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
• SuperMulti 8x DVD RW with Double Layer Support
• High speed 56k modem
• integrated 10/100 LAN
• 802.11a/b/g WLAN
• Bluetooth
• Integrated 5-in-1 digital memory reader slot (XD, SD, MMC, MS, MS PRO)
• Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
• 13 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches and 5.5 pounds

I'll tell you why it's a good buy.

I got this thing for only P49,950.00 from PC Live (HP Compaq Sales Outlet) at MOA. Just a few meters away, Silicon Valley over at Mall of Asia is selling this for 59,950.00. Checking the Villman site, it's listed at 59,950.00 too. Basically, I got it less P10,000.00. It's on a financing deal even, zero interest over a year. All good huh?

But wait, here's more. The guy at PC Live offered free additional 512MB RAM (Value: P4000.00), free iPod Shuffle 1GB (Value: P4800.00) and a free HP Deskjet D2360 Printer with ink of course (value: 2250.00). Already over P10000 value free. These are not bundled freebies masquerading as freebies. These are really capital F.R.E.E.B.I.E.S.

And the clincher is... Pre-installed Windows VISTA O.S. included. Along with the new shiny O.S. comes other programs as well. It will take me some days or perhaps weeks to get the hang of using the new VISTA interface and new applications. If ever, i'll blog about this too. Initially, let me say this, Vista is cool (that is, up until OS bugs come in).

isn't that cool?

My initial impressions:

- The claimed carbon fiber body or case looks good. I mean really good. Stunning shiny and glossy dark gray finish too. 10 laptop-pogi points. Cool blue LED indicators as well.

- The performance is fast. At 1.86 Ghz, Intel Core Duo Processor and 1 MB RAM, this is my fastest laptop thus far.

- Fairly good battery life. Nice quiet operation and does not heat up. Unlike, ahem ahem.

- Nice screen. Said to be using High-Definition BrightView technology. Whatever that means.

- 3 USB ports (essential nowadays) and card reader too (essential nowadays part 2). Reads SD MS/Pro, MMC and XD.

- Keyboard and touch pad nicely sized. Touch pad has an on/off switch. I can actually deactivate the touchpad, that's a first.

- Built-in speaker is extra special or so HP thinks. Altec Lansing supplied the hardware and technology. Side by side with the MSI M-610 speaker, the Compag's Altec Lansing wasn't that superior so I wouldn't shout for joy with what's installed. Basically, the Altec Lansing is better than ordinary.

- Standard wireless connectivity is in. Including the Bluetooth tech. First time I am using a model with built in Bluetooth functionality. I used to plug a bluetooth dongle to do the job.

So there, my take on the Presario V3325.

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A new notebook, And new workload too!

Was busy like an ant these past few days. Busy transferring files, meeting and planning, installing apps, fixing sites, cleaning notebooks, in and out.

I scored a new Compaq Presario 3325 last Friday. I used my card on this one. I did a Ludy's payment, AKA, spread-payment for over a year @ zero interest. My old laptop (not this one), but the MSI brand I am currently using, will go to our office. The MSI M-610 is still good and fast.

The humongous MSI M610 laptop above.

The thing is, the MSI sports 15.4 inch widescreen. At the time of purchase, October 2005, it was cool to have a widescreen notebook. Today, no more. 14 inch variety should do the job (some are going 12 inches even). These days, I need to move around. I can't go around carrying a brickload of laptop. I needed a new and slimmer model (and faster performing too) that I can carry around town and out.

On stock, it has 512MB RAM, HP Dealer PC LIVE over at Mall Of Asia offered another 512MB memory for free. 512MB RAM would fetch P4000.00. And so now, my notebook is running on 1GB RAM. First time I reached 1GB computing. Proc is 1.8+ GHz. Only 80 GB memory. Low HD to me is fine, I'm not really a "save" and "download" guy. I don't remember myself ever consuming more than 40GB of files. Got no movies downloaded (ok ok except for some p*rn here and there). Besides, I'll be having extra 30GB via an old desktop I'll be getting mid-week. My back-up PC and testing PC. The Desktop has Linux (ubuntu) in it. I guess I'll keep that O.S. running on that PC.

The V3000 Presario got VISTA O.S. bundled therefore I spent the weekend familiarizing the usage and interface, files transfer, etc. There are changes, but still, Msoft will always be Msoft. Only couple of days more and I'm positive, all will be good.

One change though: No more Outlook Express bundled. In comes Windows Mail. Sort of same with O.E. but this time, IDENTITIES was scrapped. No longer will you be able to use Outlook Express with as many email identities you want. You can still create another email account but not as a new Identity. New email account will be inside one interface, it could be confusing.

Solution to lessen the possible mess (mail confusion), I am using Thunderbird to do the job for my other 2 pop mails. I use the Windows Mail for the email address that feeds me. And another email client will be installed right about now for my other email. Damn, email management is tough when you got tons of it.

Windows Mail is not really an upgrade of Outlook Express. As I read the write up, it's a new tech altogether. The look is kinda same but the Windows Mail is different animal. I've been using this for 2 days now, the filtering of junk mail and phishing email is awesome. I just don't know if this thing learns as I use it. Meaning, if I tag "junk email" certain email that went thru the filtering, will it be able to catch the junk next time? And vice versa, for legit emails that was sent to junk, will it learn from the "unjunking?"

I'll be posting separate review of the Compaq Preario V3325 after more testing or after I am able to catch a nice long sleep. Whichever comes first.

BTW, the purchase of the COMPAQ laptop came in with a FREE 1GB Shuffle IPOD (the original one, not the cloned one) and a brand new HP printer too. Anyone interested in getting orig Shuffle iPod for less 20%? Or a brand new printer less P250.00? Or a complete desktop PC for P5000 only (900 Mhz - Pentium 3, 17 in monitor), no warranty. Contact me, I got items for sale.