A Photobook By Me

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. Photography by me. My "cam-name", Leo Isaac. Not the basketball player but a tribute to my lolo thunder, named Isaac.

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Furniture design, via Google Sketchup

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Ultra-expensive Tripod and Lamp

The 650 peso table lamp from Wilcon depot...

The 250 peso tripod from CDR King...


Dad I AM


Happy Birthday!




wood-burning-art-medium wood-burning-art-medium-2

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No more globe, no more land

I bid farewell to my home Globe landline + internet. It's useless. No voice call service for 3 weeks. Then I got Globe Duo (a cellphone + "landline" hybrid) and I got Globe Tattoo and Smartbro plug-it prepaid. And I'm not staying at home as much as I did the previous months. So bye bye (un)fixed line. The prepaid internet kits + Globe Duo sort of cover what the landline service gives me. I wont be surprised if subscription to that Globe Duo service picks up. It directly competes with the fixed landline service.

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Velbon CX-444 Tripod

Entry-level Tripod. Only P1550 (pretty good for its price)...
  • Aerodynamic 3-way pan head
  • Sure-grip pan/tilt control handle with vertical setting
  • Retractable camcorder alignment pin
  • Extended height is 57 inches
  • Folds to 18 inches

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Trees at Tierra



E-Chuck T-Shirt

E-Chuck, Eraserheads Chuck Taylor Themed T-Shirt eraserheads chuck taylor style t-shirt eraserheads t-shirt converse style eheads e-chuck t-shirt eraserheads t-shirts e-chuck tees

From the same group (cough cough) who gave Eraserheads fans the classic e-check t-shirt, now comes another collectible Eraserheads T-Shirt: THE E-CHUCK!

It’s a Chuck Taylor inspired t-shirt especially made for us Eheads fans.

Let’s backmask, err, rewind a bit… in the early years of the Eraserheads, they wear, err, were Chuck Taylor guys. (later, they wore Adidas too) The time of the Shirley & Toyang songs, it was in the early years. So we decided to print the names plus it kinda sync with Chuck (Shirley) Taylor (Toyang).

Available for Pare ko and Mare ko.

Please prepare P250.00. Pambili. Ooohoooh.

To get the best E-ffect, in case you’ll buy this tee-heads…

  • Wear this with a Cons Chuck
  • Wear shades
  • Maglaslas ng maong sa bandang tuhod
  • Wear a checkered long sleeves, check the nearest ukay-ukay, yng maroon
  • Don’t comb your hair
  • Then, listen to radio, read da songhits and eat bloody fishballs