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I saw this at a Veritas mall floor exhibit. Price of a 20" x 30" art is around P5000 a piece. Medium is wood burning also called PYROGRAPHY. Basically, the artists uses a heated rod, a wood burning pen (much like a soldering iron) and makes burn marks to form the lines and images onto the wood panel. The burning forms a sepia like tone that looks pretty engaging and lovely to look at (see above).

A sample of artist doing his wood art below...

By the way, from my quicky-wiki-wiki-wiki read, PYROGRAPHY aint limited to wood as the material, it can be a leather, or even thick paper. I remember, during gradeschool, we used our school's magnifying glass, burn the paper and make an image or drawing onto it. The burnt images are not exactly worthy to be called art but still, that's pyrography as I understand it.

I saw "CARITAS IRJM" on the price tag of the piece I photographed. If interested in this work, please try contacting them).

More info about PYROGRAPHY here.

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