My Formal Shoes... One Star Converse Gunmetal Color, Leather

May asawa. My asawa's gift.

Converse One Star Pro Low, Gunmetal Black

Spartacus: Vengeance

I can't friggin wait for this, Season 2 - Vengeance.

Season "0" is the Gods of the Arena, a prequel to Blood & Sand.

Blood & Sand is bold & beautiful. To me, one of the best TV shows ever. If not best.It can stand with other series I love like The Sopranos and Band of Brothers.

Would love to have Andy back but heavens had other plans for him. Hope this new Spartacus lead star delivers and be a "victor" too.


Keep On Pushing - Bobby Parks Sr. Ad

Bobby Parks Sr, says “Keep On Pushing.”

I am now waiting for a referee endorser with counter slogan “I shall keep calling the foul.”

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Jobs & Lennon, There's something about round rimmed glasses eh?

IMAGINE if the John Lennon & Steve Jobs lived another 2 decades each. Oh, the music and the products....

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