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We're rebuilding ECBUY Philippines now. One with tech blog component and another, the tech store. Exciting project again. Of course, it is wordpress powered and WMN hosted. Please see here.

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Book Antik

the-guinness-book-of-antiques (1)

FOREWORD: There is a complicated cross-roads between the ways of Aesthetics and Craftsmanship and History and Commerce with a by-lane from Aesthetics into the meanderings of Taste and another into the Domestic Convenience of tea cups or chairs. These cross-roads are bewildering and can lead into the lost of directions of false aesthetics values or misspent cash, or on over the stepping stones of skillful repairs or reproductions into the morass of dishonest faking, forging, or selling. Who could better guide at such a bewildering junction than John FitzMaurice Mills whose articles in the press and books on such subjects, whose television appearances and radio talks and whose Guinness Book of Art Facts and Feats have already given so much enlightenment, interest and pleasure.

Copyright of this book is 1979. This book is also an “antique”!

After going thru some pages of the book, makes us wanting to rename our “ANTIQUE COLLECTION” to something more appropriate. The purist will definitely say, hey Leoque! those are not antiques!

For one to be an antique, it should be combination of the characteristics… super rare, a thing beauty, precious, has historical background perhaps, some feats were involved in the making of the arts, crafts and furniture. Via this book, I found out that some “antique experts” or purists even defined the time boundary for one piece to be considered an antique. That is, 1850 and earlier. Hooooo, that makes some of our “antique” pieces like they are fresh as a baby!

OK, we used the word antique loosely. What then is better? vintage collection, vintage stuff… or old items.

But time flows. Eventually, all things age. In fact, from this same book, it notes… The “bounding time” of 1850 eventually grew old. It became, 1910’s, then 1940’s pieces were considered antiques too. Even post World War 2 pieces are considered to be antique. Thus, “modern antiques” class is born.

(With the book written 1979) So likely by now, the antique period moved to 60s eh? Which means, if you’re holding to a piece, like a Beatles Vinyl Record, that’s a freaking antique if you’ll ask me. Only, I am not one of the purists.

the-guinness-book-of-antiques the-guinness-book-of-antiques (8) the-guinness-book-of-antiques (7) the-guinness-book-of-antiques (5) the-guinness-book-of-antiques (4) the-guinness-book-of-antiques (3) the-guinness-book-of-antiques (2)

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Go Daddy Stops in China

Go Daddy Inc. had stopped registering new domain names in China (also Network Solutions LLC stopped processing domains in China). Reason being the strict internet policy of China requires the registrant to give head shots and just a little more ID like business identifications & signed forms.

You think it would stop there but here's the part where the red flag shows up (pun intended). After Go Daddy collects the registrant data and photo, they need to send the data to the Chinese government. Wow! Indeed, they are an accessory to China's data mining.

"We just made a decision that we didn't want to act as an agent of the Chinese government," Christine Jones of Go Daddy Inc told lawmakers. The company currently manages about 27,000 ".cn" domain names. They have a small market share of .cn names but their pullout is another landmark move by company doing business in China.

The biggest firm of all, Google has an ongoing trade and policy war with China. China wants filtered search results.

China still claims though that they are "open for business." But their actions, say otherwise.

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Burger King's Insomnia


I was staring at this poster while tsiboging at burger king earlier today. Insomnia has it perks it says. Quite insensitive if you ask me. Insomnia is a disorder and millions suffer with the pesky "I".

Imagine other products having that line of marketing thought... like "arthritis has its benefits" ... "catarata is awesome" etc.

I for one had insomnia some years back, albeit a milder type. I can't sleep. I even resorted (not snorted) to the effects of Neozep. Basta humatsing ako ng 3x sa gabi, it Neozep time! Being awake and not truly functional, you can't always think right, pimples left and right, darker and bigger eyebags resulting to "syet kamuka ko na syota mo" feeling.

And, sometimes those who suffer from insomnia more often, they suffer from the primary disorder like psycho problems, personal problem, or even physical problem, effect lang ang insomnia. So, it's a serious matter Mr. Burger King! And that tag line aint witty.

The next time I visit your chain and I still see that, I'll report you to DSWD, ke dinky soliman.

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scan the man-nequin

scan the man-nequin

Title: Scan the man-nequin.

A shot using multiple exposure. Vital stats: using tripod, 30 sec, f10, auto white balance, 40mm, post-processed using Lightroom.

Lamp/light used was this upright lamp.

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