Go Daddy Stops in China

Go Daddy Inc. had stopped registering new domain names in China (also Network Solutions LLC stopped processing domains in China). Reason being the strict internet policy of China requires the registrant to give head shots and just a little more ID like business identifications & signed forms.

You think it would stop there but here's the part where the red flag shows up (pun intended). After Go Daddy collects the registrant data and photo, they need to send the data to the Chinese government. Wow! Indeed, they are an accessory to China's data mining.

"We just made a decision that we didn't want to act as an agent of the Chinese government," Christine Jones of Go Daddy Inc told lawmakers. The company currently manages about 27,000 ".cn" domain names. They have a small market share of .cn names but their pullout is another landmark move by company doing business in China.

The biggest firm of all, Google has an ongoing trade and policy war with China. China wants filtered search results.

China still claims though that they are "open for business." But their actions, say otherwise.

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