Burger King's Insomnia


I was staring at this poster while tsiboging at burger king earlier today. Insomnia has it perks it says. Quite insensitive if you ask me. Insomnia is a disorder and millions suffer with the pesky "I".

Imagine other products having that line of marketing thought... like "arthritis has its benefits" ... "catarata is awesome" etc.

I for one had insomnia some years back, albeit a milder type. I can't sleep. I even resorted (not snorted) to the effects of Neozep. Basta humatsing ako ng 3x sa gabi, it Neozep time! Being awake and not truly functional, you can't always think right, pimples left and right, darker and bigger eyebags resulting to "syet kamuka ko na syota mo" feeling.

And, sometimes those who suffer from insomnia more often, they suffer from the primary disorder like psycho problems, personal problem, or even physical problem, effect lang ang insomnia. So, it's a serious matter Mr. Burger King! And that tag line aint witty.

The next time I visit your chain and I still see that, I'll report you to DSWD, ke dinky soliman.

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