Smartbro Duo

Because I am everywhere these past months I need to have backup internet connection. I signed up for the postpaid version of Smartbro's USB Plug It coz it's unlimited and said to be faster than the prepaid. Though I already have Smartbro prepaid (free when I got the laptop last October) and I have the effin useless Globe Tattoo too. But using prepaid connection stressed me a lot. I keep on checking the time log... I keep on computing the load being deducted... I keep on worrying that I'm not doing much with connect-disconnect connection. So this should solve the prob. Lock in period is also 2 years (same with the smartbro with canopy/antenna) but this is one you can bring the dongle wherever. And, this connection is sharable too. Speed is ok @ 500kbs to 1mps where I am at (though advertised speed is 2mbps).

Am selling the Smartbro prepaid, with 250.00 +++ load at that.

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