The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy Bill Simmons

My copy of Bill Simmon's in depth take and wacky perspective of the NBA finally arrived yesterday. The Book of Basketball The NBA According to The Sports Guy is one thick sanamagan. After reading the book, ill use this as TV Rack.

List price is 30USD but last December I bought this on sale from Amazon.com for about 24$ including shipping. The ship duration is about 3 weeks.

I've gone thru some pages (intro, the Isiah Thomas chapter, the Bill - Wilt debate chapter) and the read is entertaining and very promising. This is unprecedented. This could be the first time that I'll read a book cover to cover. I'll review my sched, maybe sometime soon I'll make book review of this NBA review. So that, you can review my review of this NBA review.

But, I'm not great at reviewing a book (in fact I am not great at anything) so I might as well L.E.N.D. this book to one L.U.C.K.Y. colleague at HOOPS.BLINK.PH (the gasping for air Philippine Basketball Blog) and let them read and review this.

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