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trading spaces, instant impact

trading spaces, instant impact

Trading spaces is an old book we got (2004) based from a reality home tv show of the same name. Hosted mainly by Paige Davis.

This book is a nice read for DIY interior designer (cough) or to those who want some doable home improvement projects. Not really heavy on stuff about furniture but more on low-cost instant home – room makeovers. Each topic or section, it gives 2 to 3 sample projects. And i must say, it’s kinda inspiring and makes me wanna to some redecorating around the house.

The book dwells on fabrics, paint finishes and painting methods and architectural detailing (from this section, i learned a lot) and embellishments. The most entertaining part for me is chapter four, “artwork, made easy.”

The great thing about this book is that, the insertion of easy to accomplish projects like sewing, wallpaper, pillowcase making, repainting of furniture. Quickie tools, tips and techniques for topics like stitches, fabric terms, paint brushes and paint rollers use, architectural and construction materials are all worth reading.

And in fact, the book is in my re-read lists. Grab a back issue copy (from eBay!) and say… “it’s time to get busy and have fun.”

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Book description from here.

* Hit television show inspires more than a dozen ideas to decorate any surface in any room.
* Power decorating techniques for anyone with limited time or money.
* Chapters are organized by decorating topic so readers can choose a technique and instantly engage.
* Room tours and advice for many decorating styles and room types.
* Easy-to-finish projects require a few simple steps and readily available materials.

Back cover description…

Trading Spaces, Instant Impact. Pack your home with personality. Filled with ideas to take your home from blah to beautiful, Trading Spaces – Instant Impact is your all-in-one guide for inspiration, expert advice, and cool projects.

This book includes:

* 15 Amazing Makeovers featured on Trading Spaces and Trading Spaces: Family
* Quick and easy step-by-step projects – from bedding to furniture fix-ups – sure to bring wow factor to every room of your home
* Tried and true strategies for adding architectural detail, painting, framing artwork and more!
* Instant replays that feature some of the very best project ideas from trading spaces talented designers.
* Ideas for adding architectural details to a room, embellishing furnishings, creating decorative accessories, and beyond.

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