Get to know Models

I made these 7 steps last week but I beta tested it a year ago and it somehow worked but never really pushed it to the limit because, you know. You know.

  1. Check out trade shows & events sched, pick the interesting ones.
  2. Bring your camera, preferably the big black bold camera for a professional look
  3. Shoot em up models
  4. This is the trickiest part... casually engage them on simple talk, first by asking what products are they promoting then its up to you to bring it on.
  5. If you're torpedo guy, all is not lost! After taking a pic, some of them will say, patingin naman! That's the first step for you and her to become BFFs.
  6. By this time, you can say to her, I can email this pic to you. Or better, I can MMS this to you. Many will give their email addresses and if you're lucky dude, the mobile number. Once you have the contact details, at least you got the first base.
  7. Assuming your average in this trick is, 1 out of 10, that's not bad man. 1 cutie model BFF is better than not trying.

A lot of them cute models are smart too so bring your A-game. I dont know why, but this m.o. works better on petite models than the Guidaben tall types.

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