Drive with this Overdrive

overdrive-plate overdrive-plate (2) overdrive-plate (3) overdrive-plate (4)

  • Cool deco plates
  • OVERDRIVE print
  • Only P600 people.
  • Great wall deco
  • Place near your CD/DVD/media collection
  • Add another Eheads collectibles
  • Line this up along with your room rockstar posters in your bedroom
  • How about put this on your doors, cool eh?
  • How about placing this inside your auto, be it in dash, or at the back. The next time Eheads do concert in open field, who knows, maybe you’ll get free access if you have this super overdrive plates.
  • Only 2 dozens initial make, get yours now.
  • More plates to come. Collect em all.
  • Standby for better photo demo on how its supposed to be use as cool home display.
  • PRICE: P600.00
Buy at www.s-cred.com

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