One Way Hell At Pasay Road

What happened to me yesterday has got to be one of those one in a million (ok, let's play it safe, 1/100,000) chance of happening.

On my way to Quezon City from Makati, i was to go thru Pasay Road, I made an error of U-Turning and ending up right on Makati Traffic Ass. But of course, here we are again, we got to do On-The-Street-License-Redemption. See previous post here.

I offered P200 for me to not to get traffic ticket, and you guessed it right, it aint enough. P500 is the price tag. Having entered the wrong way, I had problems on my exit as well, leading me to wrong way, the one way hell. And now, negative P500 and all, I got to give again. But oh-oh, this time it's worse, last time I check, one way entry carries far more heavy penalty than the earlier infraction, the U-Turn. And so the bidding begins. P300! P500! P700!

But here's the clincher, while I am doing license-street-auction, the other fLAW enforcer (yes, that's Law with an F, F stand for you know what.), noticed my licensed is expired. That's it! With the one-way and compounded by the U-Turn, the price tag? An un believable P1300.00!!!

I admit the violations were legit though. That's P1800 hapenning only in a span of 10 minutes and just a couple of blocks away. So if you happen to drive by Pasay Road, go ahead and salute those Traffic Police for a job well done and congratulate them for a very high paying job.