Went Under The Knife

Last Sept 7 2005, I went straight to the O.R. I kept asking... Can you believe this??? I am literally being operated on by some Doctor and a couple of interns. Like a frog. You see, (or glad you did not), I got a cyst somewhere in my body, size of a marble. This I can list as one of the scarriest moments of my life and definitely 'D MOST HUMILIATING chapter of my life.

Note that, no one in my family, my girlfriend, knows, what I went through that day. True to the name of my blog, let's hide the monkey. I am now recovering with the help of Betadine and Gauze combo. Hopefully, swelling would go down.

Still when alone, I kept talking to my self, 'Would you believe this?' and 'Can you believe this?'
After going through this, I really do not know what can affect me now, what problems I can't handle, what situation can embarrass me, etc. Like all other problems pertaining to work or business don't matter when faced with sickness. Next week I'll be back for a follow-up check-up to see if everything is just fine.

For the record, I have not finished one Rosary set in 7 or 8 years on my own. And, on that day, I was able to finish one. When I was in trouble, I said, Mother Mary Come To Me!