The Lakers Are In

Trade Rumors, BURIED. Check.

Regular Season, TOPPED. Check.

Denver, DONE. Check.

Jazz, NO MORE. Check.

Spurs, SPANKED. Check.

Sometimes, I almost want to agree... that... whoever has the best player on a seven game series, that team usually wins (Miami-Wade over Dallas, Bulls-MJ over everyone else, Celtics-Bird in the 80s, Magic-LA in the 80s too, Shaq-Lakers over Reggie, Iverson and Jason Kidd, Spurs-Duncan over Billups, Kidd, Allan Houston). Safe digits... 75% likely, the best player's team wins. This is the case with the SPURS -Lakers West conference showdown. KOBE BRYANT is the best player. His team won. He finished off the Spurs with a variety of moves in the second half. Every Bryant shot, air is sucked out of Spurs' will.

But credit too should be given to the following...

  • Lamar Odom for not sucking each time he's got his customary slump. Finding a way to contribute and somehow able to deliver some needed points at crucial stages.
  • Derek Fisher. For showing up and playing Tony Parker well (with the aid of Lakers' team defense). True to his form, he's the Spurs' Curse. Remember the 0.4 secs? Remember the Barry-non-call?
  • Sasha Vujacic for harassing the hobbling Manu Ginobili all the way to the CR. BTW, he's the MOST WANTED GUY in San Antonio for creaming game 5 with the unnecessary three point shot made, game already won.
  • Ronnie Turiaf. Tired of using this... but really, he gives so much energy off play, on bench but still able to contribute on court. He's one of the Lakers' glue guys and unlike other "energy guys," Ron actually contributes. He had key defensive moments against Timmy. And for just him, going PONY TAIL during the most important game of the season, that was the lucky, ahhm, charm.
  • Jordan Farmar. For his energy and point production this Game 5. BTW, unknown to many, he's also the undercover scout for LA, reporting directly to Brian Shaw. With Farmar's ears, he's able to hear opponents bench huddles some 40 feet away.
  • Chris Mihm. For acting like he is really excited and for eating up some cap space. Had there been enough cap space, Mitch Kupchack could have signed these guys... Sprewell, Payton, Juwan Howard, etc.
  • Luke Walton. For being there when Kobe needed him the most. See, he's Kobe's favorite punching bag. He's Kobe's outlet. Whenever Lakers play bad and Luke is on court, expect Kobe venting some heat on Walton. BTW, nice corner three from Walton.
  • Vlad Radmanovic. He's Mr. First Quarter Man. Quick 10 points, easily. Plus, he found a way to give up his love for SKIING for the betterment of the team.
  • Pau Gasol. After Bynum knees went AWOL, we, Lakers fan should appreciate the GIFT FROM Memphis. Plus, how could you not love this guy, he plays with passion and team concept in mind. In fact, he's on track to break the world's record for most career HIGH-FIVES given and received. (Currently, RONNIE MAGSANOC holds the record with 27,124 career high-fives.) Seriously, never mind that some of Pau's inside shots are soft, somehow rushed, looks half-baked. Without Pau, I don't think Lake show goes this deep.

As for the Spurs... Though it ended 4-1, this isn't a L.A. massacre. Could have been 3-2 SPURS leading, you know. Manu's clearly injured but he played thru it and didn't give excuses. Tim Duncan played great. Parker played well, as the usual Tony Parker. But, in the end, Spurs were too tired and a little old for the Lakers. The Lakers are fresh, very well coached, have a pool of reserves, they played well and got the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER.


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Architects Basketball Union

Architect? Loves Basketball? Check this site. It’s the official site of the Architects Basketball Union (or, ABU) based here in the Philippines. I was once an Archi freshman back in the day, dropped out and chose to be an engineer instead. Today, I help fine-tune the ABU site (with PAY!). Having dropped my T-Square and the airbrush, this is as close as I can, doing stuff with Philippine architects.

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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, Pirates of the Philippines

1. The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is what, 3 years old? But good lord, only now I was able to view it (not even done). Believe it. Busy me plus I forgot all about the box-set (PIRATED? Guess!). And y'know what? I am not even done with it. The final one, "At Worlds End", I'll finish it tonight. About 45 minutes of it still unviewed. Was not able to finish it last night as EAJI - San Mig combo made me sleepy and sloppy. Tonight is the night when Pirates 1 2 and 3 will end.

2. I swung by one mall yesterday and I happen to chance upon NBA Live 2008 PC installer. Naaahh, I was really looking t get one. It's by no means, by accident. I got one installer last year but it won't work so I tried again. Yep, me, late again. Late in watching the Pirates of the Caribbean and now, late in getting and playing PC NBA live on my WORK-PC! Installer cost - 100 bucks. DEBEDE Sir?

What Makati mall? Damn, it's for Edu to find out. Good 'ol CDR King (ecBuyph.com competitor) got cheapo cheapo joystick controller, a generic one, cost is P200.00. I got two gamepads for two game players mode. Me, a lazy gamer, I don't like tiring my fingers and busting my keyboards. Sa iba, they prefer the keyboards. I definitely like gamepads.

3. CDR King is one hell of a selling machine. Its queues are always long no matter what time and branch. Mind you, their service is so slow and they are known to give VERY VERY VERY short warranties, but still, they sell. No wonder, up to now, I think, CDR King doesn't do franchising. They'd rather take all the sum. Intsek!

CDR King last year, got into OMB trouble with their imports or something. Or, they imported beyond teh limits of CDs they are allowed to. See, more CDRW out there, more pirated media out there in the streets. That's why OMB is regulating the CD inflow. I wonder what happened with the case. Last time I checked, CDR King paid up dues and penalties. This guy Edu, I like. Does shows. Dance around on his Game Show. Endorses products. Eat instant pancit canton. And be KING of the OMB... What else he can not have? Ah, the Makati City Hall.

4. Because I finally loaded my laptop with two, three, four games... and... because I felt my notebook is slowing down, I upgraded my RAM to 3GB. Yep, that's 2GB Kingston DDR2 stick plus another 1GB DDR2 Kingston RAM.

And I'll tell you dirty little secret. One of the computer stores at MOA, one guy offered one brand new 2GB DDR2 RAM for only P1500.00. Thing is, I'll get his 2GB RAM and not from the well-known computer store where he is stationed. MOA is Mall of Asia.

Then, to be legit-a-bit, I got the 1GB from that store. Both carry 6-months warranty. Personal warranty for the "pirated" 2GB Kingston DDR2 Memory and shop warranty for the 1GB. Dunno where he got that but that's the least of my problem now. So now, thanks to a RAM Pirate, my notebook runs on a 3GB memory. Kinda delightful to see application loading up so quickly. Unlike before man, 1GB RAM, running on VISTA, doom!

By the way, I am selling my 2 pieces 512MB DDR2 RAM here.

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The Beatles Wall Portraits

I did this Beatles Charcoal Portrait Set once upon a time. Think, 6 years back. And, once upon a time, one dude offered me P20K so he can get this as he was about to move to U.S. I said no back then and if ever one indecent proposal (20k and below) pops up, it's still no.

The Beatles Portrait Set has moved around all these years. Uno - my room in a rented flat. Dos - My sister's fashion store. Tres - My room at my (now) mother's crib. Kuatro - A studio a I rented for 2 years. Singko - A HUGE Condo Apartment I stayed on, for about a month. And today, finally, SAIS - a place to call home.

It's the background at my home - loft office.

Someday, I hope to be rich and just paint and draw all day. Be an artist slash tambay.

Philippine Celebrities: Suckers for Computer Showcases

Philippine Celebrities: Suckers for Computer Showcases

First off, dunno why this GMA show, "K Na K Na" was able to last this long. They've been on for like, what, half a decade now? They might as well try to break Eat Bulaga's record, for the longest aired show on Philippine TV. BTW, "K na K Na" is hosted by current EB host Allan K. And, used-to-be EB hostess, Jaya Ramsey.

And to the beef...

What's up with these celebrities going for computer showcases for their "to be donated" packages. Then, donating the computer sets to their REALLY REALLY REALLY immediate families. What ever happened to giving these computer rigs to foundations, NGO's, etc. To those who are really in need.

They are saying, they can't buy mere P20000 computer desktops for their mothers, sons, daughters, etc?

Sometime ago, Tessa Prieto guested/joined "K na K Na!" and she won the whole thing. Look Ma, the "CHARITY" went to her son. Arggghhhhh! What an act of charity. Even PCSO can't top that. And what did she request for her son? Desktop? No no no no no... IT'S A FREAKING IPOD. Yeah (little Prieto) Boi, enjoy your iPod while other kids remain starved.

Next up, the Former Ms. Neri, Angelica (or Angelica, doesn't matter) Dela Cruz (oh, she got surname). The compassionate Angelica Dela Cruz donated one PC Set to her mom. Ahhhhh, isn't she nice. She won I think 3 mos ago. It was her advanced Mother's day gift to her, perhaps. Three months advanced.

And last night, "K NA K NA" features Gary Estrada's wife Bernadette Allyson. It was her philanthropic nature in full display. Mrs. Gary Estrada (Gary is nephew of former President of the Republic of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada. Gary is also the brother of Pagsanjan Laguna Mayor George Estregan Jr.), sent home one PC set to her children. Nice Mom!

Please people, computer rigs will cost you only P20000 or so. Can't you buy one and send the rigs won to actual charities and foundations? I guess you all can't.

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