Well Well Well

Well, well, well...

Still Holidays, but got to turn on the NB and do some stuff. But still making sure I got time time to think of GOD.

Well, we did the Passion. A tradition where you sing Jesus life. We finished the book cover to cover. I did some pages. I can't seem to get the melody used by my mother so I used a RIVERMAYA track melody instead. The lines... "Pag kumplekado ang and problema, parang relong made in Japan" The melody of that line goes well with the "pasyon". Try it. Try it next year.

Finally, I'll be goiing to this Cavite Resort tomorrow. I will no longer miss this for an LA Laker game. Not ever. What with LA out of the play offs. The hell with Kobe. Ill be brining my DV3001 camera to capture some images while I am there. News is, the place has a lot of sports facilities. Hopefully it will be a fun day tomorrow. Maybe, Ill be posting some pics here. See you around.


My Google AdWords, Now Functional

Exactly a month after the installation, my Google Adwords on the left side of my blog is now working. The whole month it was showing Public Service Ads. But I did not remove it coz it was posting some Non Profit Org, helping the those who are sick, those who are in need, philanthropist that I am, I hanged on to it. Now it's working and so am I.

Speaking of work, the PACMAN has work to do today. Today is a BIG DAY for Philippine Sports or for the Philippines for that matter. Finding solace to anything that can uplift our spirits, we will be all cheering (praying) for a Manny "PacMan" - "the Destroyer" - "the MEXICAN ASSASSIN" Pacquiao VICTORY. Mabuhay! As for the Mexican Assassin tag, hope he will live up to it.

Speaking of lifting spirits, the Holy Week is near. I think I'll lay low a bit with my workS, capital S. (Though I promised I'll lay-low during last Christmas Holidays but it did not happen, I WORKED.) But this time, I think, I say, I know, I'll refresh a bit, recharge. But the HEATWAVE is tremendous on my place. Our AC will be working its ass out again to cool us down.

Speaking of down, the Los Angeles, this team (if you can call them a team) is on the way down, coming from straight losses, it will be tough for them to crack the 8th spot. With the way Denver is surging, it will be difficult. And even if they make the 8th, the reward? They'll be facing an ALL-World team in the SAN ANTONIO SPURS. As you know, the SPURS were knocked off by the LA last year on hail mary full of grace shot by the FISH.

Speakin of FISH, this stinks! Kobe out during the play-offs. I do not know how can the GREAT 8, stomach missing out the playoffs. Imagine Kobe sitting APRIL-MAY-JUNE. This, while watching THE DIESEL march thru the Finals. For the record, no L.A. great missed any playoff action. We are talking about Wilt, West, Kareem not named Rush, Worthy, Magic. Kobe is alone. Which is the case, most of the time.

Speaking of time, this is all I have got to say.