My Laptop Bag, What's Inside

The heck, nobody wants to get this laptop bag I am selling at eBay.ph, so I am using this myself. The fist initial salvo of the laptop bag was at Hyundai Pasig at E.Rodriguez Avenue (or C5). I was there today the whole day, again, for the much needed replacement of radiator hose and engine leak job.

I am still on a tug o war with Honda Philippines, they are offering all sorts of counter offers to my demands but I am sticking with my gun. I felt malpractice was done and therefore they should pay (not necessarily monetarily). I have threatened them with a suit and publishing the story online, at blogs, at forums, wherever. As soon as dusts settle, I'll be blogging about this horrendous story soon.

Anyways, bag, err, back to the topic. The laptop back is nice. For all of you almost-interested eBay bidders, thank you for not getting the bag. Now I am enjoying the specs and features if the bag.

My post says...

* Laptop Notebook BackPack Bag Case
* Save 1500.00 (Bought this at Korea for P4000 plus)
* Brand New, Bought from South Korea on a trip
* Very high quality
* 3 options to carry: hand bag, shoulder carry and of course, back packed
* Very versatile, you can bring this during meetings, work, even outdoors, out of town trips, presentations.
* Unisex (What the?!)
* Strong material and craftsmanship
* Lots of document and paper storage
* Special pouch for smaller laptops/notebooks
* Total of six slots/compartments
* Adjustable strap for both shoulder and back carries
* Padded/foamed back pack strap

I pinned a couple of pins for the jologs or drug addict look. The must-have BEATLES pin, my lucky number 77 pin and the other one Japanese character pin. Also, in the bag is one pink rosary I have. I have this rosary when I took the board exam for one engineering exam (not a top notcher though) and passed somehow. I should have 2 rosaries I suppose. Ever since, this rosary is in, whatever the bag is. Not really an altar boy, but why not insert this? No harm eh?

Back to the topic 2, not exactly the biggest laptop backpack, but this can contain all sorts of things. I had one extra tee (yes that's t shirt, on the way to Hyundai Psig, AC was off to prevent over-heating so I needed one extra shirt just incase king-sun acts up), pda sync cable, a purse, mp3 player, earphone, digital camera, cell phone charger, one magazine, etc. To the holduppers, stay away, I don't have cash.

You like it? No longer for sale man. But you can still view the pics here.

BTW, I've been out of bounds past few days over at Hoops. Been fully booked recently. I'll soon be back when few biz and personal things are cleared up.

BTW2, I got some pics today at Hyundai Pasig, the Tucson model. I posted it at Dont.Blink. BTW3, because of my 'contributorship' at Blink.ph, I was given an author account at Dont.Blink. I post there under "KOK" name as in Kwarta-o-Kahon." My for sale items, I use that site to post the pics. If you got above average collection (not saying that mine are) of photos you want to share, apply at dont.blink.ph. BTW4, 3 of my posts were recycled at Hoops "Post Up" section. The Nike event and the Pinoy Ballers.

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Helluva Week

  • I am in a battle with one Honda Satellite Service for a malpractice done to my car. More on this perhaps sometime. My auto is currently on a comatose, I am not to have it repaired up until HONDA Main Office hands out it decision if this inept Honda Satellite Service is liable. Not major prob really, I just want it the way it was turned over to me by Honda so that in case I'll sue their asses, we got at that bad state. Damn, I been riding PUJ PUB Taxis and Hitching the past 2 weeks. Good or bad the final decision may be, I am not over with them.
  • Making it worse, I forgot to bring the charger of my Treo here in Makati. I have been switching sims back and forth with other globe-ready mobile phones.
  • Over at the office, we can't seem to find away of straightening up how we can do things efficiently. Memos galore.
  • Last Mon, I met my architect-cousin at Bonifacio High-Street (yes, I taxied) to show the plans of our new unit. To where, we are supposedly to move come Nov. But evan almightly, his assistant (another cuz of mine) whom I am having drink with, forgot the effing plans at TGIF. See, Fridays cut off is 12mn, so we moved elsewhere. There, the plans were no where to be found upon landing at a Karaoke bar at Buendia. Now, I have to get a new set of copies.
  • I lost two fuckin domains that I registered. These autobot-registrants, if you fail to renew your registration for just a minute, an hour or a day, these bots will scoop up your domains in a heartbeat. Thus, I lost two good .com domains. Again, to the .ph I should go.

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New Old Palm Treo 650

Whilst I was seriously thinking of getting a new smartphone before my birthdate, my brother just updated his handheld-mobile phone to a very slim Blackberry model. I did not pay attention much to his new Blackberry model coz I was busy with my own.

With his upgrade, he passed his set to me. And so therefore, I got his old but still a-ok and shiny Palm Treo 650.

Basically, Palm Treo is same with Palm Treo 600 but with a better camera (higher resolution) and Bluetooth technology on board. Yesterday, I played around with ‘my’ Treo 650 and I must say, this one is not bad. Besides, free PDA-Phone, it doesn’t happen a lot.

The Palm Treo 650's camera function is acceptable (compared the Palm Treo 600). Captured pics is passable for printing. It can capture video too (not execpetional, but of course!). Plays MP3 music files. With built-in output speaker or listen via phone. Jack is 2.5mm. Able to connect to the internet and check email (yes, I use gmail service last Sunday). The MP3 playback function mean my MP3 player will see less and less play time.

Best of all, QWERTY keyboard for lighting fast texting and composing. Standard PIM functions like calendar, clocks, memo pad are all in. Immediate items for downloading is at least 3 games not named chess and tetris, draw/paint application and voice recorder app (if I can find).

The package includes an extra li-ion battery, spare stylus, assorted power chargers - adaptor, car charger, the virgin-manual (still compressed packed), cd installer (dunno if it’s Vista ready, I’ll find out next weekend when I am not filled with work to-do) and hands free set.

And, my bro even bundled 256MB SD card but I returned the 256MB coz it was too much. Besides, I got 512MB RS-MMC. Never I was able to go beyond 300MB in using a card. (I got only a couple of games installed in the card and only 1 on 2 applications too.)

Boner is, I was not able to bring the car charger, the 220VAC plug charger nor the spare battery with me. So today, I am managing my Treo 650’s power by turning it on and off.

Pics here.

Sample pictures using the camera function of Palm Treo 650, below.

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Speed Bag Should Make Me Roman Rapido Now

I was few minutes early with Kobe Supernatural Tour held at Shangri La Makati. I parked at Park Square 2 and with few minutes to spare, I scored this speedy pucnging bag.

O.R. was lost, I think I had it around P450.00. If was the destined power puncher last year, I could be the roman-rapido this coming months by using this speed bag. Naaaaaah, it's been some days and this thing is still not hanged.

The thing needs a board to bounce on when you punch it. That board, I do not have. I guess Ill just screw one hook-screw beneath the loft, and this should work. Stand by for round two.

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Guarding, err, Covering Kobe Bryant

I was tasked by Phil Jackson, err, Mark to cover Kobe's Supernatural Tour - Manila leg. Suffice to say, I am clueless as to how things would go during the day. But because the stuff was all for fun, meaning I get nothing but see Kobe in person, it’s all good. I posted my experience over at Hoops.Blink.Ph blog, the edited version.

Below, is the rakenrol version of the post covering the presscon and the Ultra event.

Kobe and TJ jumpstarting the event.

Kobe Bryant in town. So am I. Here goes my first attempt of doing some "media" stuff . I say ditching work to do this presscon was worth it. This stuff happens only once or twice in a decade. Bar none, Kobe Bryant it NBA's biggest draw.

Call time is 11:00 am over at Quezon Hall Shangri La Makati. The none-Makatipboy in me, I parked at Park-Square 2 when there's parking lot near Landmark. So I went malling first. Thus, I got this new speed bag - punching bag.

Over hundred media and fotogs packed the pressroom doing their own version boxing out. Powerful camera and lenses they were carrying. My Canon Digital Camera wouldn’t go out of the case in utter insecurity. There were some registrations required and Media-ID distribution. Guess what, I am packed digitally but I got no effing pen. But the maniac in me, I stole hotel’s pen and notepad set over at the public phone booth. During the registration, they were like ROTC boys signing up for the attendance sheet. Mad scramble.

As usual, Filipino time, already 11.30, there's no Kobe Bean Bryant still. Quite understandable, Kobe is a big star, he has his own protocol and to add, the press wants to do things their way, ie, storm the stage and even delay. Barker says, for the TV Crews to stay out of the stage vicinity and go to the designated areas but the hell, they were deaf.

The press photographers-videographers and uzis (to where I am categorized) were doubling by the minute, dunno if I'll be able to squeeze in to get a clear shot of Kobe. (Looking at my captured pictures, I think, I captured few good pictures, the rest were fade-away shots, so to speak.)

In the house were Chino Trinidad (who was very accommodating when I asked for a shot), Noel Zarate who seemed to know everybody in the crowd, Anthony Suntay, Beth Celis and Dyan Castillejo. My man, the Dean - Quinito Henson was there. The Dean consented on my request for a shot. By this time, your “media” guy is turning out to be a “syano” guy, dragging every celebrity for a shot. BTW, Kume Chino Trinidad volunteered to shoot away while I was gleaming at the idea of me and Quinito together for a shot. They may have some articles that I don't agree with, but the two, Chino and Quinito were cool dudes.

Check-out the two cool dudes (Chino and Qunito), men in the mirror, uh-hooo.

BTW, the girl who hosts GMA’s Sapulso was there. She’s the petite chinita chic. I wanted to take the photo op, I just dunno how to approach her without getting lower than the state I was in. Who knows, if Debraliz or Lou Beloso was there, I’ll ask for pics too.

Past 12 noon, press-con is now turning into a depress-con to me.

The first good news of the day, free lunch. Or, shall we say, SUPERB FREE LUNCH. Buffet lunch meal served outside the presscon room. The foodssssss were by Shangri La, and so, beleive me, food was delizioso. Oh BTW, to make my fellow Bloggers here at Hoops green, there were pretty girls in the event too.

I gobbled up (or down) caesars’ salad, potato salad, fish and beef meals and had blueberry cheese cake as my dessert. Bottomless drinks everywhere.

(BTW, there's this tabloid newspaper guy, he took a trayload of meal. I think he went on a full-time tasting spree. He took all that Shangri La could offer. After that, he had 5 to 7 cakes of different variety. Name it, choco-creme, choco-mocha, choco-puta, strawberry, blueberry, whiteberry, yeah all the berries you could think of. Amazingly, he consumed all without throwing up.)

I was sitted next a highscool kid who befriended me and I think we now have a friendship that could last a lifetime. He asked approximate 128 questions regarding Kobe and 221 questions asking, "nanjan na si Kobe?"

Around 1:00 pm, no Kobe still.

Then, minutes later, TJ Manotoc started it all. Nike Country Manager Melissa Crucillo gave a short message too. She’s cool (and cute), she knows, she cant drag her monologue. She mentioned Nike’s drive in developing local basketball and bringing Kobe in here to inspire young kids to play some hoops. Or in short, Kobe is out here because it's part of his contract to do so, to sell Nike Gears!

Quick memo from Nike Country Manager, Melissa Crucillo.

And finally, the Super Natural entered the scene. He came in wearing, ahhm, Nike Gears!

Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

Prescon starts now.

Is it me, or Kobe really mimics Michael Jordan from ground up. That's not a knack on Kobe but really, the way he speaks and moves, it's soooooo MJ. Listen to some clips, he went like, "basically I am here to spread the game" in a tone and manner that he surely got from MJ.

Kobe getting it from the media.

Anyway, some of the details I got from Kobe's remarks and the Q n A.


He's out for an Asian swing to spread the game. He's to encourage more kids to play the game of basketball. Also, to teach some select kids some Kobe drills. Drills that he calls "Black Out". Yeah, the "Black Out" drills from the Black Mamba. He also out to explore and develop his partnership with Nike. Simply put, he's also out to sway people to buy swooshed gears!)


- He likes playing for both U.S.A. and the Lakers. Sched don’t conflict anyways, USA games happen during summer. He also noted that Greece and Spain as world basketball heavyweights.

- Gino Rufino of ANC Hard Ball (later, the co-hosts the ULTRA event) asked Kobe to choose between an NBA Ring or an Olympic Gold. Kobe, a thirsty sanamagan baller, he says he is out to get both.

- Comparing the original Dream Team and Team USA 2007, he says the challenge is now greater. The world basketball order is now different and many countries improved.

- Regarding Lakers, he answered blank, he will just play as hard as he can, whoever is in LA town (including Kobe himself if he's still in town come 2007-2008).

- The Role model stuff, Kobe went a little serious. He went like, nobody's perfect. And says, role model is a person that learns from mistake. Ahhhh I see, like Kobe eh?

- What makes him tick with young kids? he says, it’s his love of game, love of life and living it to the fullest.

- What motivates Kobe, critics or the praises? Kobe says, both. But more importantly, winning motivates him.

- One Dude greeted Kobe a belated happy birthday, ahhhhh, isn’t he nice (or gay)? Anyways, the question, if he has money, he’s the Laker owner and has salary cap flexibility, who'd he take? Kobe says, the 2007 USA team members. Borrriiiiing!

- Kobe's diet is mainly skipping the junks, the ice cream, apple pies, cheesecakes, you know, the stuff that Shangri La served us.

- On a related note, Kobe says he dropped 20 pounds primarily for defense. The plan is to have a stronger and faster Kobe come opening night.

- Regarding the future NBA bearers (Wade, Melo and Lebron), he says all are good and do things differently. Ah yeah, the Basketball Ambassador Kobe.

- With a tougher challenge in 2008 Beijing, they are out to improve the team and he says Colangelo and Coack K know what they are doing.

- Regarding any chance of him doing Hollywood, he says NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Oh c’mon now Kobe, you are telling us you don't envy Shaq's epic films Kazaaam and Steel?

- What monicker Kobe wants? He says he's cool with Kobe. And but of course, the self-initiated monicker, Black Mamba, he mentioned it. So there, the Black Mamba doing nice little chit-chattin.

Part 2 tomorrow, I'll post the ULTRA Event. I skipped the Bonifacio Highstreet event coz I had another thing planned out way before the Kobe sched came out. Also, Nike handed me a Media Kit, I'll see what I can dig and post some stuff. BTW, thanks to Nike - Ogilvy for sending Hoops.Blink.Ph a media invite and Ultra tickets.

Back to work now...

Part 2: The ULTRA Blackout Drills

Part 1: The Presscon

Last time I'm inside the ULTRA was back in 1989, I think San Mig and Ginebra were in the Finals. I can't remember, I am getting old. I was a kid then, I remember sitting beside my Lolo while my cousin was at the either side of the venue sitting beside my Aunt.

Perhaps brought upon by the Wowowee Tragedy, police visibility or traffic aides was tremendous. They were all-over the vicinity. We parked in front of ULTRA, dunno what compound was that. Parking is free (or they forgot to bill us.)

Sightings: Dindo Pumaren and his boys; Reema Changco, Dominic Uy - who's like a tax collector - the guy can't stay at one place. Alvin Patrimonio - who, as usual, was humbled by requests for photo ops, Tim Cone, Chot Reyes (whom, I had a picture with), Mac Cardona and Ren Ren Ritualo, practically all Eddie Gutierrez boys and more. I wonder why Raymond did not go with his bros. Francis M was there equipped with a camera having a lens about a feet long and a tripod as tall as Yao Ming. Clearly, Kiko is serious with his fotografi career. Inggit ako, that's my next target, I'll get my own DSLR camera sometime next year.

Gino Rufino, TJ Manotoc and Sarah Meier emceed the early part of the event, the rest it was all Kobe show. Sarah who once a thing going with Borgy co-hosted the event with TJ, could have been his bro-in-law had Borgy been not a playa.

A short message from Kobe then he started his ULTRA task: The Black-Out Drills.

During the defensive workout, Kobe didn't hesitate in pointing out that the Nike Elite Campers are well, not that elite. He found major flaw in the way they do their lateral movements. Kobe demoed the stance. He says, “legs have to be spread wide and body has to be lower”. Hearing Kobe instructing someone to do that stance is kinda creepy. Did he say the same thing in Colorado?

Unintentional comedy, Kobe passionately pointed out that the game is a team game and not a one-on-one game. Could someone douse me a bucket of Gatorade, am I dreaming or what? Kobe preaching team game is new.

Kobe was intense (or at least, he pretended to be intense) in teaching Nike Campers how its done. Putting premium on defense, Kobe stressed that the nonchalant defense that the Nike Elite players are doing will bring them nowhere.

Some minutes still spent doing the defensive drills while 1/2 of the crowd are starting to:

A. Yawn
B. Consume all the Hotdogs in the hall.
C. Check-out their captured cellphone and digicam pictures
D. Stare at Richard Guttierez.
E. Shout, “Kobe, Dunk! Dunk!”

The crowd is really looking for Kobe-stuff he did back in 1998. Tons of showboating, cross-over moves (that’s my moooove! he said – from Adidas spot), fancy passes, and all that stuff that don’t matter. That year, he had exhibition games. Halfway thru this event, and he's having none of that. Indeed, 9 to 10 years make the difference.

Another drill is the side-to-side court laterals where they have to touch the sidelines. If not, they'll start over to do the 17 repetitions. And look ma, Sarah Meier, the sideline watcher saw an infraction and they had to start over. I’ ve got a feeling Sarah is the object of downloading for that kid that night. Payback time. (Funny note, when Kobe said to his apprentice, "sit!", he meant for the kid to lay even low on his defensive stance. But the kid attempted to literally sit on the floor. Whoa! What if, during the offensive drill, the pick and roll, Kobe yells, "Roll!", would he actually roll? Now, Jump! Bite!)

Then, the defensive drill was over.

BTW, coach Eric Altamirano (the pluggable coach) and Alex Compton assisted Kobe in the drills. Or in Filipino, Coach Eric was the taga-abot while the enthusiastic Alex Compton was the taga-abot PLUS, taga-palakpak. Hell, I can do that.

On offense, they spent some minutes firing away. But still the focus is train hard and do countless repetitions. Shoot as many as 1000 (made shots btw) he says. Practice makes perfect, or in real life, practice makes a complete player. And so no doubt, Kobe Bryant is the most complete player in the planet. Now wonder no more, why the hell Kobe scored 81 points and he looked like he could do another 48 minute game. Plenty of energy in the tank. Thanks to the Black Out training.

Continuing the offense lecture, to facilitate a team-oriented assault, they had a 3-on-3 game. Kobe says there's a "one-dribble" rule. Whoa, here comes Mr. Bryant preaching players to pass. Nice Kobe, Phil Jackson can’t be more delighted now.

Then, the offensive exercise was over.

Basically, that's what the ULTRA event was. For Kobe to personally share part of regiment to some young basketball players.

But a Kobe show without a little flair is not a Kobe Show. Thus, to cap the proceedings, he did his stuff. A couple of dunks (he missed twice) including the over-the-two-kids dunk. The crowd when nuts, my camera too. And so, I got no pics to share. Ahhh, here are some friends, saving the day with some video clips. Ready? One Two Three.

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