New T-Shirts, Updated Website, Active Facebook

Hello friends, we are excited! We have new tees coming up (Miami Heat T-Shirt, Interior Design T-Shirt, etc.) and reprinted hundreds tees for all of you want to smack us for not having enough stocks. We have now! And we will print hundreds more!

Just want to mention too, that we have updated our site. Our PRODUCTS PAGE is now our home page. Now you’ll see our portfolio always & forever. And honey, we shrunk our archive (crazy weve been around since late 2007) into a pull down menu. So if you want to know what’s on my mind November 2007, please pull down the menu. Thanks! (Here’s our enlightening first post btw… http://s-cred.com/catalog/2007/11/)

You might ask, where the heck are the new blog posts if we want updates from S-CRED.com? Well, please take a look at the left side bar, the RECENT POSTS are there. And if you really love love love to get the recent posts from us, you can CLICK HERE and put us on your MY.YAHOO page or any other “reader” you use.

Speaking of love, we are now active on Facebook, if you want, you can befriend us over there and love, er, “like” us. We go by the name STREETCRED CLOTHESLINE over there.

GOD design T-Shirt

Nice abstract-artsy"GOD" t-shirt design. For sale at zazzle.com. I like it coz once upon a time, I did an abstract water color with basically faith & God as the inspiration. The end result, has almost same color & tones with the Zazzle-tee above. I'll post the pic soon, I take a picture of it first.

Speaking of tees & design, once upon a time, I contributed a cool Christian-themed tee for a friend's t-shirt design & print business. The design and print is, "Truth is, Christ Is Cool." Please check or buy it here. The interior design t-shirt is also available now!


Lebron James' Nike Lebron 8 Version2 (V/2)

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Stanford Rd. Polo Shirt @ Bench

Again, I did not buy this. I got sponsors! Hehe.

I’m told this Stanford Rd. polo t-shirt is a line from bench. I’m told (2) that these polo shirts come in black, in white and in gray. I got the black and the gray. I don’t like white polo t-shirt, some days, that’s our uni during highschool days. Go to Bench if you want , get one and make Ben Chan richer.

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Great. My book ran out of batteries.

A funny tweet (prolly referring to his kindle or tablet or any other ebook reader)...

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Drybox large

  • Dimensions: 38 cm x 28 cm x 27cm
  • Controlled humidity prevents build up of fungus
  • No dirt and dust camera storage system
  • For your SLR and DSLR body, lens and other electronic gears like MP3 player, iPod, iPad, DVDs & CDs, tablet, PC boards, etc.
  • Protection from accidental loading/pressure too as gears are safely store inside the dry box
  • With built-in hygrometer
  • Moisture absorber is included
  • Sealed and safe DSLR bin

PRICE: P3250

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DSLR Dry Box

  • Dimensions: 28cm x 23cm x 20cm
  • Control humidity level to prevent growth of fungus
  • With built-in hygrometer and moisture absorber
  • Prevents direct exposure of SLR/DSLR to dirt and dust
  • Air tight container
  • Your precious camera & lens deserve a better storage solution
  • No need for DIY dry box or to store your gears inside the camera bag, this is an affordable real dry box DSLR storage
  • This can be used for other items like point and shoot cameras, SLR boy, lens, camcorder, cellphone, PDA, tablet, other precision equipment, valuable items, etc.
  • Brand new, in a box
  • Moisture absorber is INCLUDED

PRICE: P2650

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Diffuser for DSLR pop-up flash

  • Pop-up flash diffuser
  • Diffuses harsh light from the pop-up flash
  • Hot shoe inserted diffuser holder
  • 3 colors, white (often used), blue and amber (for effects)
  • Place the diffuser directly in front of the pop-up flash
  • Great for snap shots of people, closeups of objects, products shots, etc.
  • Easy to carry, easy to use
  • Diffusers can be mounted on the holder in different positions depending on the camera you have
  • Greatly softens and spreads the light for perfect capture


For more SLR accessories, go to www.ecbuyph.com/catalog

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Eye cup 22mm for Canon DSLR

  • Eyecup for Canon EOS 30 55 50D 50E 33 3 5 30D 40D 30D 40D 20D 10D 5D, Leica
  • Attach this 22mm eye cup to the viewfinder eyepiece to minimize extraneous light
  • Prevents vision fatigue
  • Perfect necessity during outdoor, bright and sunny condition
  • Also prevents viewfinder glass from breakage and dirt
  • For a comfortable shoot
  • High quality rubber
  • Brand new, comes blister packed

PRICE: P195.00

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LensPen Cleaner

  • Safe, cheap and effective lens cleaner
  • Pen with cleaning compound (with cap) + retractable brush
  • Retracting brush keeps the brush clean and free of dirt too
  • Brush removes the dust and dirt
  • Clean cycle is hundreds and hundreds of times
  • Cleaning tip removes fingerprints, oil, moist, smudges, etc.
  • Lenspen is compact and handy, easy to use, highly efficient camera lens cleaning tool
  • Use this lens cleaner for gears like video camera, DSLR, digital or film camera, lens filters, camcorder, binoculars, telescopes and other optics
  • To recharge the cleaning tip, put the back cap on and twist the cap, then clean away again

PRICE: P300.00

VHS Table

Everybody has old VHS tapes right? I do. And slowly by slowly, the tapes inside accumulate white particle which is obviously not good. Not to mention that we already store our VHS player inside the baul for it to be an antique appliance come 2035. For those who have un-playable VHS tapes and want to find good use for it, check out this VHS player center table…

The VHS tapes were coated white, stacked with pattern and used as the base-stand for the coffee table. It would have been better if the black tapes were incorporated in the coffee table, like use ‘em on the table top, laminate them with a resin or simply put on top of a white table top then a glass top to finish the deal.

And so for those who have un-usable VHS collection, this is an option. Or again, store the VHS tape – Video Cassette and wait til 2035 and then put them on eBay.


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Kiddie Shoes from Adidas

Just a post from our adidas friends…

Treat your favorite nieces, nephews, sons and daughters with adidas this January. Catch your favorite Disney characters like Tinkerbell, Buzz Light Year and Mr. Potato of the Toy Story in our cute and colorful apparel and footwear designs. Also help them feel comfortable with some athletic shoes available. Have your kids take a pick! Available at the following stores: Rustans Shang Kids, Rustans Makati Kids, adidas TRINOMA, adidas GREENBELT, adidas ROCKWELL, adidas AYALA CENTER CEBU, adidas EASTWOOD, adidas ATC, adidas Newport city, adidas RDS BACOLOD, and GAISANO MALL DAVAO (DS). Check out other products at adidas Stores!

Disney Toy Story 3 K, Php 3,795

Disney Toy Story 3 K, Php 3,795

Disney Toy Story Inf, Php 1,995

Disney Toy Story Inf, Php 1,995

Akwah 7K, Php 1,495

Akwah 7K, Php 1,495

HyperRun 5 CF K, Php 2,195

HyperRun 5 CF K, Php 2,195

Supernova GLide 3 xJ, Php 3,095

Supernova GLide 3 xJ, Php 3,095

Akwah 7 I, Php 1,295

Akwah 7 I, Php 1,295

Mamba Movie

Kobe and Danny Trejo about to face-off for a scene from "The Black

Robert Rodriguez and Kobe on "The Black Mamba" set

Robert Rodriguez discusses a scene from "The Black Mamba" with
Kobe and Bruce Willis

Kobe and Bruce Willis in action on the set of "The Black Mamba"

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Homestyler by Autodesk

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Firefox Tee Design Challenge


The goal of this challenge is to create a unique design that captures the essence of Firefox 4. The winning design will be printed as the official Firefox 4 launch t-shirt, a limited edition item featured in the Mozilla store and distributed to thousands of fans and contributors around the world. It will also be highlighted across key web properties like mozilla.com, the Creative Collective homepage, the Mozilla blog, our Facebook page, and more.

Info here.


Close-up screw in lens

This close-up filter is a nice alternative for expensive macro lens. Or easier DSLR macro photography accessory to use than the extension tubes.

Go to ecbuyph.com/catalog to order.

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