New T-Shirts, Updated Website, Active Facebook

Hello friends, we are excited! We have new tees coming up (Miami Heat T-Shirt, Interior Design T-Shirt, etc.) and reprinted hundreds tees for all of you want to smack us for not having enough stocks. We have now! And we will print hundreds more!

Just want to mention too, that we have updated our site. Our PRODUCTS PAGE is now our home page. Now you’ll see our portfolio always & forever. And honey, we shrunk our archive (crazy weve been around since late 2007) into a pull down menu. So if you want to know what’s on my mind November 2007, please pull down the menu. Thanks! (Here’s our enlightening first post btw… http://s-cred.com/catalog/2007/11/)

You might ask, where the heck are the new blog posts if we want updates from S-CRED.com? Well, please take a look at the left side bar, the RECENT POSTS are there. And if you really love love love to get the recent posts from us, you can CLICK HERE and put us on your MY.YAHOO page or any other “reader” you use.

Speaking of love, we are now active on Facebook, if you want, you can befriend us over there and love, er, “like” us. We go by the name STREETCRED CLOTHESLINE over there.


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