VHS Table

Everybody has old VHS tapes right? I do. And slowly by slowly, the tapes inside accumulate white particle which is obviously not good. Not to mention that we already store our VHS player inside the baul for it to be an antique appliance come 2035. For those who have un-playable VHS tapes and want to find good use for it, check out this VHS player center table…

The VHS tapes were coated white, stacked with pattern and used as the base-stand for the coffee table. It would have been better if the black tapes were incorporated in the coffee table, like use ‘em on the table top, laminate them with a resin or simply put on top of a white table top then a glass top to finish the deal.

And so for those who have un-usable VHS collection, this is an option. Or again, store the VHS tape – Video Cassette and wait til 2035 and then put them on eBay.


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