PBA expansion?

Do you want another PBA expansion team next season?

  • Yes (93%)
  • No (7%)

Total Votes: 234

Team owners are currently meeting now (Tuesday), dunno if this is on the agenda but this is surely worth studying. But a screening committee should be put up to carefully select capable and committed would be franchises. We do not want another Barako Bulls scenario. In the past, I am not really in favor of expansion that is why I am surprised with the overwhelming YES votes. Expansion dilutes talent. I am for super teams, loaded with superstars and stars grinding it out playdate after playdate. But then again, if the PBA can find or even groom more stars, align the stars (meaning a balanced distribution of stars), get first class imports, awesome marketing campaign (remember the 99 rookies vs veterans video plug), why not. More teams, more fans, more jobs, more fun. I guess done well, done right time, expansion is a win-win scenario.

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