Stamped Calling Cards

A unique way of (re)presenting yourself or your company is by using "stamped calling cards" See samples above. Recommended for those who are in the creative businesses, like pro photographers, wedding planners, ad agency, video production, graphics & arts people, etc.

See the three samples below or go this link for the complete, um, "stampede". I am guessing, it will cost more if you do this stamped business cards than regular printed calling cards. But if done correctly & creatively, the positive impression that you can get from a client is worth the price bump. Or maybe not, in the long run, I think the price of the one-time-cost of the "stamper", pre-cut cards and ink is much lower than having to order 200 pieces of card every 3 months or so.

BTW, you can also do this stamped print on other things like, invitations, product tags, etc.


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