LED Ring Flash Lamp for Macro Shots

  • LED flash ring light
  • For macro photography
  • For close-up photography, for hobbies or professional use (jewelry, archiving, documentation, forensics, research, science, etc.)
  • Screw-in to your lens
  • Mounted on the front of the lens, this can provide even illumination.
  • Use bright lighting for correct exposure
  • Can be used LED lens mounted or table top
  • Works with different lens sizes (6 pieces adapter included, 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm)
  • LED controller, left LEDs or right LEDs or all LEDs
  • Hot shoe insert for the battery pack
  • Can be battery operated (2 aa batteries) or via power output jack, choose between the two power modes
  • Super bright white LEDs provide a continuous light source for macrophotography

What’s included:

  • Battery pack (shoe insert)
  • 6 pieces ring adaptor
  • Ring LED light
  • Power adaptor
  • In box packing

PRICE: P3300

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