San Miguel vs Ginebra Hirit-tweets

These are my notes (game log) scooped from Twitter. Follow us on twitter BTW.

For it to be authentic and thought of the moment thing, I will not edit the tweets (and I am lazy).

  • nevermind that this is SMC fest, this sanmig - gins game ill watch end to end. last time i watched wire to wire is… i dont remember.
  • cabagnot booed by gin fans.could mean he is really good or they are envy of the alex’ hair.
  • cabagnot shd be flaterrd if bood by gins. other playrs bood by gin fans, jolas, alvin, ramon, hawkins, asaytono, good company.
  • jason webb said washington hit on mark is not a tech. its a tech. coz foul already outside on cabgnot. and he fouled mark again.
  • jay washington = jess lapid jr.
  • i dunno if enrico villanueva will take this as a complement, he got this good looks, the look of lead male p*rn star.
  • if you’ll send ronald tubid back in time and switch him w hubalde, bernie fabiosa wont notice the diff. lalo na kung di nag ahit si tubid.
  • on hubalde - tubid switch, of course when tubid starts missing pa-board shots, and starts flopping, we’ll know its not hubalde.
  • satin satin lang to ha, danny seigle acts like a spoiled brat and feels he’s stil superstar. 2001 ba?
  • this got to be written in the record books, for team managers, samboy lim holds the all time record for most number of player taps.
  • who are the current players of ginebra that can play with the jaworski era ginebra?
  • obviously, mark caguioa got the game and “tricks” to play for jawo. he is shoo-in.
  • tubid is perfect for jawo. mukang uto uto din sa coach eh. JAWO: ronald dito ka! this is you. abangan mo si cabagnot! TUBID: yes coach!
  • Ooops, the score… Gin 41 - SMB 39.
  • Eric Menk can play for jawo-era ginebra. no question. heck, mamaril passed jawo big-man standards.
  • Willie Wilson can play jawo-basketball. definitely.
  • Hatfiled fits jawo style to a “H”, err T.
  • romulo mamaril, texted me, he said billy mamaril got what it takes to play for jawo-like ginebra. i said what? the surname?
  • what the? every game, olsen racela hits crucial end of quarters points. this guy is clutch. wait, i remember busan still. HE IS NOT CLUTCH.
  • mark caguioa = funny. “MGA FILAMS KASI YANG SMB” something iike that. hehe
  • smb 46 - gins 45. half time.

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  • artadi fouled rudy. makes 2 FTs. rudy fouled artadi. misses 2 FTs.
  • smb making mistake by low posting jay wash vs villanueva. jay wash should attack from the outside.
  • amazingly, cabagnot always goes to his right. he is a leftee. 62 gins - 60 ginebra.
  • pena missed 1 FT. i guess he is half inspired today, maybe missing pops fernandez. he is back on the line now.
  • cabagnot goes left and he lost the ball. hmmm. if i am the defender ill seal his right… and hide cabagnots hair conditioner too
  • how old is dondon honti? hes been around since the mba days since 1998. thats like a 13 year good career run. he cud be 34 if he started 21.
  • dondon resume: mba cebu gems runner up. good tanduay career. phil international representation, smb championships and dated VALERIE.
  • John Wilson with 2 ober da bakod shots. thats his game 6 stats so far.
  • (timeout, not tweeted) i miss the ELASTOSEAL commercial. AY!
  • ah yeah, thanks we got youtube…

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  • tim cone cant believe what he is watching now, willie miller actually orchestrating offense. ginebra 69, san miguel 67.
  • rudy hatfield = paul jr (american choppers)
  • if enrico is the RAGING BULL he should stop pump fakin and go strong for two!
  • di naman ganung halata na gusto manalo ni sev ang ginebra.
  • mark caguioa 3 secs off from bench hits a three. and arwind hits back with a three. 73 gins - 74 smb.
  • what the, caidic just tapped intal 4 straight times. for this game heres the log, samboy 183 taps - caidic 179 player taps. this is close!
  • intal commited his 4th foul this quarter. sonny cabatus record of 6 fouls in a quarter is in danger.
  • 78 smb 75 ginebra. arwind santos catching fire.
  • this is santos vs tubid. both air21 alumni. pba doesnt need developmental league. air21 redbull are the developmental teams. ayt?
  • smb turn over. “backing” all 80. 4 min to go.
  • honti talking to pena before FTs. he told pena, “ASAP will be back, and with pops fernandez as main host”
  • mark gaguioa with the patented tear drop shot. maybe he watched cardona’s tear drop tutorial.
  • all 82. do i trust uichico to pull this one out if it comes to Xs & Os? Ummmmmmmmmm.
  • Uh-oh, my worst nightmare. coach’s Xs and Os battle. and mark caguioa wanting to play hero ball.
  • booing cabagnot all game long might have been a BAD IDEA.
  • ayan na si jong with his X-Os. oops time out over. will mark caguioa shout “I WILL TAKE THE LAST SHOT!”
  • yeah just like how jong uchico drew it, menk with an and one play! all tied up. all 85.
  • i cant believe it im effin scared of cabagnot!
  • exactly, what is hatfield doin on the bench. enrico did not box out jay wash. hatfield will (could have).
  • ato agustin send artadi to the game. and he stole the ball. yan si ato.
  • ato agustin: better coach, hirap mag english. jong uichico: better in english. hirap mag coach.
  • sad. gins lost. this is wrap. binabati ko mga in laws ko. titas and titos ko. mga taga bataan.sa laguna too. mga taga alabang too. mabuhay!

I know nobody nobody but you read my tweets but I enjoyed this so I am doing this again during the finals.

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