Jaworski. Come. Ginebra.

You can only coach a team (or sister teams for Jong Uichico's case) for a number of years and then players will begin not to respond anymore. And worse, players will tune you out. In the NBA, coaching tune-out is a recurring cycle.

For Jong, he's lucky, players know Jong got SMC's backing so they are not tuning him out but the response Jong is getting from players? Not much. Even the huddles are chaotic.

Even Phil Jackson knows it. He won. He took a break. He joined. He quit. He re-joined. He's thinking out soon.

That's why coach like Tim Cone (or Jerry Sloan) is one in a hundred type of coach. Tim Cone is Mr. Fred Uytengsus's friend and more importantly, a really really very good coach. Only a foolish Alaska player will dare to step up in front of Tim Cone.

Which brings me to my point. I love Jong Uichico but I think it is time for another Ginebra coach. He has got a good run with both SMB and Ginebra. For his health sake too, he can take a break, rest up, recharge. Or, I wish that he be promoted under the SMC umbrella. Maybe head the sports programs of SMC, head of SMC basketball operations, or be a manager instead, I dunno.

Siot Tanq, Allan Caidic and the whole SMC coaching brigade are all good replacements but I see one guy who needs to coach Ginebra for one last time. Before the Caguioa - Helterbrand era is over (or before my love for PBA eventually fades). Who? Ang Bida sa Hardcourt...

Jaworski! Jaworski! Jaworski!

Clearly, me konting buhay pa ang Ginebra spirit. For the young fans, they's say Jaworski who? But kids, let me tell you, there is no Ginebra 2011, even maybe no PBA 2011 without Robert Jaworski. It's just fitting for Jaworski to try weaving his magic for one last hurrah before some of the better players in this Ginebra version fade.

Jaworski is not exactly getting a rag tag team. He'll get a capable, competitive and a fighting team. I mentioned some of the players that can play for Jaworski with no problem.

  • Menk, without late night bar hopping, still has 1 to 2 years in the tank

  • Jaworski would love to have Ronald Tubid and kick him in the ass if he does his "kalawit" rebound

  • Willie Wilson can play Jawo-basketball

  • Jaworski will have a young athletic wing player in JC Intal

  • Jawo will have the hardworking Rudy Hatfield

  • And the two guy in the commercial, Mark & Helterbrand, Caguioa got game still and the attitude to play for Jawo... when healthy, Jayjay is still one of the best PGS.

Close your eyes, try imagining these... crowd chanting Ginebra, Ginebra, Ginebra with fury/passion. Try to hear people shouting Jaworski!, Jaworski!, Jaworski!... or hear this, reperi, b*b*! reperi, b*b*! reperi, b*b*!... or Jaworski getting T'd up, then goes to the referee and says, ISA PA ISA PA! G#G#!.

Fun stuff.

I think SMC and Jawo patched things up, he is an endorser now for Ginebra again. The next step is for him to go back coaching Ginebra. I am advising Jawo to check my JAWORSKI - PERSONNEL CHECK LIST, some guys might be available and be of help. If the Jawo for Ginebra buzz picks up, I'll make an new personnel check list for Jawo. Like, Manny Pacquiao as back-up point guard... Vince Hizon as co-team manager with Dodot... and more.

And for a little more fun, come next season, Ginebra already got their muse. Check the commercial, she's there.

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