PBA Wishes 2011

My top ten wishes for the PBA this 2011…

  1. For PBA commentators to drop this line… WHAT A SHOT!?
  2. For Joe Devance not to cut his hair.
  3. For a banner PBA year in terms of TV ratings and gate receipts.
  4. To have, 2 to 3 PBA players stepping up as real PBA torch bearers, real charismatic superstars.
  5. Blue chip imports to spice up the other 2 conferences.
  6. Ground breaking for a PBA arena.
  7. New dedicated and seasoned TV coveror and channel.
  8. For Quinito Henson & Ronnie Nathanielz to make peace.
  9. For them to hire Daiana Meneses as courtside reporter.
  10. Wisdom for the PBA leader and owners. (Dudes, football & tele-novela-babad is not the real PBA competition. It’s the technology and globalization. Cmon, do you expect a basketball loving 19 year old college dude to watch the 2 games from 5pm to 10pm (like i did)? No way. He will do Facebook, Twitter, will check his smartphone, netbook, play games, etc. He will watch NBA replays on TV, watch NBA highlights on Youtube, he’ll read ESPN articles.)

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