Nike Kobe Zoom 6

I got 6 photo upload of the Nike Kobe Zoom 6 shoes I bought last night at Nike Store Mall of Asia. I got no story to share.

Ah I have.


My wife was to buy me Zara polo shirts again (what's with the polo shirt people in my life want me to wear polo shirts!) or perfume. I said wait up, wait up, wait up. Here's what we can do. Since my FILA shoes retired last week, I needed a replacement and so rubber shoes it was. We went there to buy a fairly good, fairly priced basketball shoes (maybe around 4000 pesos) but I can't find a comfy kickass shoes that is both good basketball and a walk-around "shorts" shoes.

And so, I knew I needed to up some bucks to take home a no-sisi shoes. And I did.

Otions were Kobe Zoom Shoes; non-player-endorsed Nike shoes worth P4000; beautiful Lebron shoes, gray/silver colorway (P7500) and another Lebron shoes priced P5500; LeBron shoes, sames as Bron, are a bit bulky and heavy looking. And so I ended up with this Nike Kobe Zoom VI. Price is P7000.

#Have not tried this on court, so for now, you can google the review of Kobe Zoom. The only thing I can say now is, this shoe MOLDS TO MY FOOT.

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