I saw a film today, oh boy!

I saw a film today, oh boy! Enteng Kabisote had just won the war. This one was one of the obligatory-you-have-to-watch-this-with-me-movie. So I stayed put. This film has so many lapses. I see dead movie. This one is one. The only time I laughed was when Joey deLeon showed up, claiming that he was not Mulawin, but Mulawit! Hur Hur Hur!

Years back, Dolphy had this film, a super fantasy film, and since then, I saw NO improvement at all in terms of effects. Even I, can do the graphics of this film on MS-Paint. C'mon, try me.

You have heard the term, 'time flies'... well take note of this one too, money flies! I went to Galeria Ortigas, brought with me P4k. What is left, few hundred bucks. Just did a mini-grocery list, a cheap shredder, a shoulder bag and some minute things. And my 4k is almost gone.

I will not eat at Kenny Rogers in 8 months, unless it's some other's treat. A meal for 2, damage is P450.00. That, for corn side dish, super-ordinary chicken legs and not-so-tender ribs. Even I can do that combo. So Mr. Rogers, see in August.

I bought the shredder at this Computer Store in Gale, when I was inquiring about it, warranty was said to be 3 months (short as it is), when the invoice was being prepared, the warranty became 1 month. Cheat #1! Eh what to do, just buy the thing. I also bought ans Eminem MP3 CD. Pirated of course. Later on, inside the movie house, there's this Public Information Campaign/Ad, saying, buying pirated copies is stealing. Thanks for informing me! Now I have to visit Father McKenzie to confess.

Cheat #2: Bag Sale says 50% OFF, bag-brown has price tag of 1000.00. Bag-black has price tag 500.00. We asked the salesgay, 'so this bag brown will turn out to be 500.00 coz of the discount?' He said, 'ah yes.' I therefore conclude, that this black bag is priced P250, applying the Newton's Law of Discounting. Alas, when being scanned by the cashier, turns out, the price P500.00, it is the discounted price. (Hmmm... Now I get it, when we were asking for stocks of the brown bag other the the one on display, they said it was the last bag of its kind. Me thinks, that this 1000.00 peso bag is a phony.)

Cheat #3: Mall Owners, invite us, for us to dole-out our hard earned money on foods, cinema, shopping, etc. Why the hell then are they charging me P90.00 on parking alone. PARKING SHOULD BE BLEEPING FREE!!!


Filipino Wrestling Fiasco

Bad. I can’t believe I have sacrificed what could have been a fun day at Eagleridge Resort for the delayed telecast games of the much hyped double-header of the NBA. Had I known games will not be shown live, onto Cavite have I gone. So instead of me feasting on resort/hotel cuisine, I am fasting on Christmas left-overs. Worse, people all around the Philippines already knew who won via internet. Ill be quite foolish not to check out the winners myself, so I checked it out. Worst, I found out that Indy and LaLa turn out to be losers. I didn’t watch the 2nd half of the Pacers-Detroit game at all. But later tonight, though I already know who won, I’ll still watch the L.A. game via RPN 9. What a consolation.

Then I remember, a long time ago, in a sleepy town where I grew up, then vivacious and still edible ZsaZsa Padilla and Romnick Sarmenta (I still wonder why the hell they were teamed-up for a musical show.) came to town for a concert. I think this is safe to say that, equivalent of that now is, Regine Velasquez and the premier boy next door (whoever he is) in Philippine Entertainment, visiting your nearest LOCAL and RURAL cockpit arena. My family had the tickets all prepared but I decided to stay at home to watch the GRAND Launching of PINOY WRESTLING. You read it right, Filipino Wresting. Ala-WWF. With such wrestler or better, with such characters as Pacifico Falayfay, Joe Pogi, Smokey Mountain Brothers, who wouldn’t be intrigued. The rest is history, the PinoyWrestling is dead after I think only a season. If you are (un)lucky enough to have RJTV, you might chance upon some re-runs of this spectacle. Maybe I really have this history of choosing to see sporting events that turn out to be not worth the wait over better activities. If I can only see the future.


Merry Christmas!

Taking a break from the rigors of non-stop computing, my trusted ECS is also taking holiday break. But got to send some emails or else, some people will freak out. So while sendin’ and receivin’, I decided to pen rather type something in for my new and not-so-exciting blog.

We had a beta-exchange gifts and I received quite a handful of gifts this Christmas. We’re not even done yet. We are just scratching the surface of this years holiday gift bonanza. We’ll do the traditional exchanging of gifts come new year’s eve.

Been wanting to buy watch these past months but unable to do so, but alas, my sis and brod-in-law gave me one. It’s a Timex kinda sporty lookin wristwatch. Got a nice jeans too. At a price I can’t afford to get, my older sis gave me one bundled with colorful polo, and I mean really colorful. I also got perfume, boogle game, hanky-panty combo, among others. I got pleasant surprise too today. Really pleasant one. Being an incorporator of one corporation, I was given some sort of a bonus. Hopefully, our corp will continuously do good and better. From not expecting anything to have some cash at my disposal, it’s a leap!

By the way, Ginebra won today coz of nice game from the Fast and the Furious. Nice game too from Andy “Ross” Seigle. I’m starting to think, Ginebra line up is quite solid. Send em to the Asian Pre-Qualifying Tour. Seigle-Adducul-Menk frontline is not that bad. (This is BallGuru topic #2: Philippine team. Ill write something about this if I have time. Topis #1 is about Hate-Kobe-Movement). Two nice games tomorrow still that's why I think I'll miss a very nice leisure trip, all expense paid, going to EagleRidge Resort tomorrow. Tomorrow's NBA double header is the NBA's most important games of the regular season (Excluding final games for play-off contention and positioning). If Indiana and L.A. could score wins, ill have my grandslam christmas.

Speakin of grandslam and a merry Christmas… I have this thought that: All I have wanted seems to be at hand; I have all the things that should make me quite happy; and I have people around me that truly love me. Stuff that should make me happy and contented. But are we really built and designed to continuously long for something? Or speaking for myself, Am I built and designed to continuously long for something?


Basketball Gift

Thinking and taking care of so many things, it’s been a while since I have watched a PBA game start to finish. Earlier I did it and the game isn’t even live. It’s a taped PBA roadshow Ginebra San Miguel game. Let me rewind, a San Miguel Ginebra game. ‘Twas a nice game maybe because Ginebra won. I still like Ginebra but not the same as when I was small and christmas trees were tall (Feelin the holiday spirit, I just want to use the line.). Back then, I can’t sleep on a Ginebra loss. (Note: A year ago Ginebra was slumping with the same line-up. Now coached by the Tanq, they are performing better, does it tell something about Caidic or does it tell something about Tanq? Your guess is right. I can’t seem to figure out the rotation of Caidic back then.)

If I have it right, this Christmas day, basketball Gods have something for us. Christmas day, local time, it’s TNT and Gins battle for an outright semis. Ill be watching this game. I’ll attend mass early that day. Maybe say a little prayer too for Ginebra. Christmas day, US time (a.m. of the 26th) , 2 monstrous games from NBA. It’s Shaq versus Shocks! Shaq’s return to L.A. This one is a must-see (I really like Kobe. Ill be cheering for Kobe all the way. This guy Kobe, no matter what he does, people still have something to say. Someday, ill do a piece tackling Kobe. Ala-ESPN/Page2.). Earlier that day, Big Bad Ben and his not-so-big-but-bad team, Pistons will visit Indy. It’s pay-back time. Let’s see another free-for-all!

I am looking forward to this holiday break. Seriously, I’ve been working 16/7 these past months. I promise to myself, I’ll lay-low to get my BP manageable (unlike my hair). These games will help me move my butt away from my desk and closer to the couch.


A Day In A Life

Got to do some tasks today. I'll see some sun light. My ferarix is busted so got to do the commute the hard and hot way. Be riding on PUVs. Be visiting Fedex branch, Ill go to BPI then maybe do some window shoppin too for our traditional Xchange gift come new year's eve.

Checking back, i got some pad-hold things to buy. If you care to know what are these, here's the list: cartolina, ready-made sales invoice, milk, liquid sosa (a freakin thing is clogged!), sodas, mineral water, a PAD-lock, drumsticks too! Etc.

If I still have time, ill be visiting my sis' dentist later this PM, location is couple of blocks from where I live. I want to get my teeth fixed. Lower set teeth has this kind of spaces between em, so hopefully this can be corrected, the soonest and the cheapest.


Let's get this thing RE-started

This is my third time creating my blog but can't seem to get underway. I am starting to think that, i am a bad writer or story teller, or it's just me really having nothing to say. Let's see this time.