NBA Trade Game

Ignoring salary cap and team salary implications, let's try NBA trade game. Pick 'em up. Some may be no-brainer, but for the sake of having something to do while I am waiting for some emails, let me do this. Remember no cap implications and now or never trade deals.

  1. Garnett OR Nowitzki
  2. Lebron OR Kobe
  3. Carter OR Mc Grady
  4. Wade OR Melo
  5. Gasol OR Garnett
  6. Duncan OR Garnett
  7. J. Oneal OR S. Oneal
  8. Yao OR Amare
  9. Lebron OR Amare
  10. Bird OR Magic
My answers:
  1. Previous posts indicates I like Dirk, therefore Ill oick the German. A bit younger and lesser mileage.
  2. As much as a like Kobe, Ill go with Lebron. Lebron is a legit player. He is not over-hyped, media creation super-baller.
  3. Both injury prone, I think Mc Grady is offensively still powerful. Ill go with McGray, that's McGrady without "D".
  4. Wade has game and Melo has tantrums.
  5. I am not high with KG since then , so Ill take the SPANIARD. Ala-Maximus.
  6. This is the No-Brainer I am talking about.
  7. Ill take the playing Oneal.
  8. Amare all the way. But his injury is career-threatening or so I read. Amare for now.
  9. Lebron still. See item number 2.
  10. Although Magic is closing in to be a billionaire, Ill go with Bird. As Bird previously mentioned, he can only drive one car at a time.

NBA Thoughts

NBA Random Thoughts...

  • If Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden are in L.A., and Smush Parker and Lamar Odom is in Cleveland, let's see how these two team would fare. Kobe is helpless. As great as the Mamba (Kobe's self-proclaimed monicker) is, he can not do it alone. MJ was not able to do it alone. He needed the great side-kick, Pippen and a bunch of role players in his 2 set title runs. Kobe was spectacular, yet again, against New Jersey, both ends of the flooor. Albeit over-acting his defensive intensity against the once top-tier NBA player Vince Carter. Kobe, yet again, single-handedly brought back L.A. back in the game via outrageous back to back 3 point shots. And when he deferred to his team-mate, Lamar Odom was not able to deliver for Kobe. Maybe Kobe wanting to be a good-guy, passed up the chance of winning the game by shooting the ball himself. I just felt Kobe should have taken that last shot to win the game via 3 point shot. At O.T. too, the great 8, fed his team mates well. And walah! No one delivered. Phil Jackson should be telling Kobe to hoist 10 more shots rather than negative 10. Kobe should be firing in 45 shots a game!
  • I like Dirk Nowitzki game. He's the closest thing in seeing Larry Legend play. If Dirk can only put fear in his opponents like Larry, if Dirk can only play consistent team defense like Larry, if Dirk can only defend well, if Dirk can magically pass the ball like Larry, if Dirk can only reach the Finals (even conference finals), if Dirk can only lead his team mates by example (unlike the berating he did to Terry last playoffs against the Suns) , if Dirk can only close out games like Larry, ill watch more Dallas game even more. That's how I wish Larry played in today's generation. Versus the Lebrons' and the Melo's.
  • Another favorite team, the Indiana Pacers is on a roller-coaster ride. I've been checking on ESPN/NBA, and I amazed how they perform and and under-perform in cluster of games. Been defeated by lackluster teams, good thing, the Miami is having some chem problems and ofcourse, the Big Slumber is out since early days of the Season. BTW, I miss Reggie Miller game. His game? Its run and gun! Unlike Nash's version of full-court run and gun, Reggie is game is half-court run and gun, using team mates and opponnents to get rid of his defenders. Oh man, who could forget the Miller's killer 3 against the Bulls way back 98. They (Indiana, with Smits, Davis's Enforcers, Mark Jackson, and I believe, Jalen Rose.) sent the Bulls to the limit. That was an exiting series. Indiana gave more to the Chicago Bulls than Utah in the Finals.


XBOX360 This XMAS05

This is my XMAS05 wish item, a super sleek and shiny XBOX360 . Whoa!!! This unit is SUAVE. But being stuck in the Philiipines, my guess is, it would take a while before it reaches our shores. And by the time its here, do I have the Bucks-4-D-Box? That is the question.

The ultimate-geek boy, Bill Gates is singing "Happy Days Are Here Again". Judging the press coverage XBOX is getting, he may have a hit. Only APPLE, primarily iPod gets more exposure than this. Having been targeted by different entities, taking slices on their pie, like Mozillas browser and Google's continuous product onslaught, its Microsoft time to bite SONY's PSP market share. Bill Gate should make his bank account even bigger before PSP3 is out.

I am not really a gaming addict, I just want to play my some NBA Live games. On the 2nd thought, maybe I should just score one 2nd hand PSP2 at eBAY. Save some bucks along the way.

But wishing and dreaming aint bad, so I will continue dreaming having 360 soon. And maybe an iPod too, a new CAR too (seriously), perhaps a new flat too (One with parking space I must say.)


Online Shopping

Philippine online shopping is kinda on its infancy as of now, but I am betting that this industry will only go bigger in time. B to C, C to C, C to B, all of which will have, in a way, impact in the way most business do their thing and affect even regular shoppers. It affects me. A lot!

I for one, did some online buying yesterday. Not thru an online store but thru 2 local auctions/classifieds site, Buyandsellplus.com and eBAY Philippines. Buyandsellplus.com (BNSP) has been online for quite some time now and past month/s ago, they have relaunch their website with better user interface. And the developers initiated some secure payment method. I appreciate their effort in making transactions a bit secure but the solution is quite half-baked. I was hoping for a more advanced automated secure payment. More than just buyer depositing the payment to BNSP then they take some "cut" then sends the payment to the seller. Quite a drag. Anyhow, I find the Buyandsellplus.com one of the better mainstream local trade sites in the Philippines.

As to what i got from BNSP Classifieds yesterday? Well I scored a U.S.A. Golf Ultimate Putting System. I do not play golf but I intend to give this item as a gift over the weekend. I feel I got this item, bargain (I think.). Too bad Philippine Postal system sucks!!! Therefore I have to make a commute all the way to Ayala Center Glorrieta, just to pick up the item and pay cash. Maybe, what I have done after all isn't online shopping, but online peeking as I still when out to get the item myself.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, I bided on a Ferrari Cap in eBAY.ph. Hopefully I get to win the item and pay for it also today. So I can have this tomorrow. This one for gift too. Man, I am feeling like Santa Claus. Seller's payment method is via mobile phone transfer, (Globe Telecom's GCASH) or direct bank deposit thru BPI. Luckily, BPI is around the block. Seller's courier is AIr21 Philippines. I too use AIr21 in my domestic shipping requirements (I sell some items too, btw.) . If I get this item too, I'll be posting images here and help me decide if I overpaid for it.



Post Up!

  • A milestone is a milestone. 3 Decades existence for me is quite a ride. It's been a long and winding road. Hoping to still do great things in the coming decades. These is the next stage of my life. In business, in my personal life. Crossroads, I can say.
  • My BP is up. I guess I have to do brisk walking again. But where I'm at, an early morning brisk walking could turn up to be an early morning carbon monoxide intake. I need some sun too. I need to move therefore my IT in the coming days involves some movement, any kind of movement will do. As long as I am not stuck in my work station.(Like now, like this obligatory, you have to post on your blog memo to myself.) I played some badminton days back, once with my cousin and the other time was with my GF. Other than the cost of court per hour (P230.00), it was quite fun. I'll be scheduling one before this week is over.
  • Good news, my search of cable TV provider is over! I was at the mercy of a Rabbit Antenna the past few weeks as my "trusted next door neigborhood cable provider" terminated his service. I was paying a mere P200 bucks for a monthly "subcription". He has 3 months unpaid bills therefore, say goodbye to the SKY. I was ready to get my own legal subcription via HOME/SKY but my location is pretty much in the middle of the block. Requiring me to pay additional P1600 for the excess cable. Say goodbye to the SKY once more. Yesterday, DESTINY, find a way (I don't know how.) to have my connection with NO Additional Fee! NO Installation fee! Long live myDESTINY.
  • Writing about destiny, where will my beloved Lakers end up. They are 3 and 4 as of now. Successive losses of I think 3. If Kobe can't lift Lakers past the Clippers standings I might as well cancel my Cable TV subscription. With the lakers slumping, there are few reasons why I would watch SOLAR SPORTS NBA coverage. Let me think... , Spurs easy ride thru the regular season andI like to see Manu Ginobilis flair for the game , the eventual or impending trading of Garnett, Heat's mix-match line-up, RON ARTEST baby, Phoenixs' run and gun (gone) game, Dirk Nowitzki and his crew, Dirks boss blog (where you get to hear/read a LOT from Mark Cuban about basketball and business), Amare's comeback, Detroits D courtesy of B-B-B-B-B-Ben Wallace, Etc. Etc. Wait, if L.A. season turns out to be mediocre, there are things to see in the N.B.A. My Cable TV stays.