Peace Na, Miss Sonya

We had some issues with Sonya's crew back in the day. After we sent Ms. Sonya the story of heartache (disappointment), butt ache (long trip), headache & stomach ache (starvation), she took the hit and apologized real soon. She invited us to come back and said she'll make up. Eventually, it was all fine. Some members of the family tree have all been there again more than once since the ill-fated night of starvation. But ako, I said to myself, I wont visit the place forever and ever amen. But last weekend, may nang-libre eh, so I swallowed my pride and later that day, swallowed the salad. Ayus! The place is still good and fortunately, the trip was semi-pre-booked and the female staff we had problems with, was nowhere to be seen. So my third time was a charm. Speaking of charm, some photos I took in there...


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Seven Pounds Is A Heavyweight

Watched Seven Pounds last night and a note of "FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION" continuously popped out ("advanced" clear copy kasi). The copy I guess is for screening purposes.

Ok, "Seven Pounds" has been considered.

And I like it.

A quick note... if you intend to watch this film, better not to to google the film and get the story. You should be clueless about the story line for better viewing.

The last Will Smith flicks are all good, "Hancock", "I Am Legend" and the one where he played as the matchmaker or love guru, "Hitch." And this Seven Pounds film tops all his recent films. IMHO. The story is awfully morbid and little hard to accept. Even if your drill sergeant or a cold blodeded assasin, you'll choke, tear up and crack with some of the emotions of the characters and some scenes.

This is part drama part love story and with some witty comedies/lines here and

Some don't like (the critique, the "experts" and the conservatives) , well, we do. It is recommended. But I rather leave out the story in this post.

But if you're persistent to find what "Ben Thomas" (Will SMith) is up to, check the Seven Pounds entry over at Wikipedia. There, you get to know why the hell, it's titled Seven Pounds.

This is the closest I get t be as an spoiler...

Top 7 scenes from the movie Seven Pounds:

1. Ben phone call to Ezra (the blind man)
2. Ben presented Emily the fixed printing machine.
3. The love scene.
4. The "Crash" Dont text and drive poeple!
5. The bath tub "killer" scene
6. The "fields" date
7. The 7PM dinner

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Scred New Look

After 6 hours of tweaking & testing, finally, the reload of S^CRED catalog/website is done. We’ve been stuck with the black version for over a year now and we felt the refreshment of our site is needed. And so, the new version now.

The official S^cred site is powered by Wordpress.com, the open source blogging application and hosted still by WMN. Maintained by PYKOSinc.

We changed the theme to one that would resemble this multiply site version. More importantly, we totally fixed the chaotic products page, to one that is more soothing to the eyes. Please see here.

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Noli Locsin - THE TANK T-Shirt

One of the most unique players in the PBA. Standing only 6-2 but played power forward for the Ginebra San Miguel. For that brief moment, those years with Ginebra, during the time when Jaworski was playing less and less minutes, he’s another rugged player we watched and cheered for.

Undersized at power forward, a freak of nature, decetively bulky, bull strong, burly but quick, short-tempered, high leaping, explosive, dominating power forward…


Relive, remember Locsin’s basketball moves with this tee. Featuring a tank, a military text serial nuber code… L0651N that reads, yes, Locsin. Bold “TANK” letters. He’s jersey number 6. Six (6) stars representing some of the best basketball years he played during his Ginebra Stint.

Truly, Locsin one of unique players who ever played in the PBA. Now SCRED gives you, a unique tee that relives Noli Locsin’s career.

Only P250.00. (Availabe only for men, S, M, L, XL)

Related post about Noli Locsin here.

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Don't Trust The Park Boy

Our innova named "ilova" suffered the first shit, er, hit of its early life. I was parking at a busy street near Dapitan-UST and guided by this parkboy. Before backing to park. I needed to move forward just a little to park the innova well. But a taxi was in the way. Steering to the left, the park boy said it had clearance. Bad mistake... I listened followed a park boy who really doesn't care but to get his P20 bucks. I hit the taxi. Good thing, the taxi I hit is old and full of dents and hits itself, and the taxi driver seemed to be in a rush. He got out of his car and said some expletives towards the park boy then he went away after that short fumes. But still, our car took the hit and paid P1500 to fix the scratch. Driving Lesson No. 1,204: DO NOT TRUST THE PARK BOY.

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Dirk > Bug


Photographer's Tee - I Heart Photography

Photographers’ T-Shirt: I heart Photography T-Shirts

A lot of clamor of photographer-inspired tee. Here’s the second print we got. The second photo-related t-shirt is now out.

Basta mahilig ka sa kodakan, be it cellphone camera, or lomo, or point & shoot, or dslr, you may want to say to the world, that this is your craft.., photography.

Simply printed… I Love Photography.

photographer-inspired tee women baby

Available in mens (S to XL) and baby tees (S to XL). Color option is black or white tee.

Get all 3 diffrent designs. Only P250 each.


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Photography T-Shirt - iSHOOT Design

photographers teebaby tees photography t-shirtscred-fotogratee-ishoot-baby-white.jpg

A lot of clamor of photographer-inspired tee. Here’s the first print we got.

For hobbyists, professional photographers, casual shooters who all have the passion for photography, this the first tee from us. Available in black or white, for ladies & gentlemen, from us, to you.

Be proud of your art & craft.

Collect all three designs. Only P250 each.


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Pepe's Rock n Roll

More pix n specs here.

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KB24 Sickest Dunks

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taken inside our living room...

taken at roadside antic shoppe...

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N70 Prize From BNSP


I finally got the first prize of BNSP’s, cough cough, Best Seller of the Year 2008 Contest.

The first prize is one shiny brand new Nokia N70 Music Edition cellphone. Not bad. An early Christmas gift from Buyandsellplus.com.


Other Top 5 Winners of BNSP Best Seller of the Year 2008 Promo are…

BECYPHER - Cellphone
maryjane08: Mary Jane Maulion - MP3
buyshopnet: Rose Elegino - Watch
blizzard23: Ronald Morabe - Watch
Automobilico: Catherine Luciano - USB Flash Drive

Really want to thank the developers of BNSP not only for this valued prize BUT also, for giving us buyers & sellers, an avenue to trade, sell, swap all these years. Buyandsellplus.com is not your next door, fly by night website. This site has been around for quite sometime. I have been using BNSP for almost 6 years now and honestly, I got good memories and experiences using the site.

I sold hundreds of hundreds of items (products from ECBUYPH.COM) using BNSP. I sold my car back in 2004 using BNSP. I met friends and business partners using BNSP. It’s at BNSP where I made my first paid internet advertisement. Buyandsellplus.com is already a part of my surfing habit.

Disclosure… we run our own classifieds site and to tell you, honestly, it aint easy and the ROI on time/money invested is not that high. Running a Philippine classifieds site is almost public service. So, to the users of Buyandsellplus.com, let’s continue to support this site. In the end, we, buyers & sellers are the beneficiaries of a successfully run classifieds site.

In all, it’s been quite a ride using the BNSP (including the bugs & downtime :-) ). Here’s to more years of BNSP and allied sites.

More pictures here.

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How To Install Invisible Shelves

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