Peace Na, Miss Sonya

We had some issues with Sonya's crew back in the day. After we sent Ms. Sonya the story of heartache (disappointment), butt ache (long trip), headache & stomach ache (starvation), she took the hit and apologized real soon. She invited us to come back and said she'll make up. Eventually, it was all fine. Some members of the family tree have all been there again more than once since the ill-fated night of starvation. But ako, I said to myself, I wont visit the place forever and ever amen. But last weekend, may nang-libre eh, so I swallowed my pride and later that day, swallowed the salad. Ayus! The place is still good and fortunately, the trip was semi-pre-booked and the female staff we had problems with, was nowhere to be seen. So my third time was a charm. Speaking of charm, some photos I took in there...


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