Don't Trust The Park Boy

Our innova named "ilova" suffered the first shit, er, hit of its early life. I was parking at a busy street near Dapitan-UST and guided by this parkboy. Before backing to park. I needed to move forward just a little to park the innova well. But a taxi was in the way. Steering to the left, the park boy said it had clearance. Bad mistake... I listened followed a park boy who really doesn't care but to get his P20 bucks. I hit the taxi. Good thing, the taxi I hit is old and full of dents and hits itself, and the taxi driver seemed to be in a rush. He got out of his car and said some expletives towards the park boy then he went away after that short fumes. But still, our car took the hit and paid P1500 to fix the scratch. Driving Lesson No. 1,204: DO NOT TRUST THE PARK BOY.

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