Andres Bonifacio T-Shirt

Rewind last year, this type of print for t-shirt is all plan and dreams. Now, we got it done.

As promised, we now have the BoniTee. Just in time before Andres Bonifacio day tomorrow. We release this today but this is an all-year-round t-shirt. Only P250.00

Cool new Andres Astig T-shirt is up for grabs. Only 2 dozens printed.

Sharing the concept… This is all year ’round tee with bold statement “ANDRES ASTIG” and “Matapang Na Tao.” Not as bold and as brave as our hero Andres Bonifacio, but it’s a statement tee no doubt. The design incoporates a worn out post-stamp theme to give tribute to mah main man, Andres Bonifacio.

This comes ONLY in guerilla green tee color and stealth black print, personifying na rin true Pinoy Great, Andres Bonifacio.

Astig Andres t-shirt, ang t-shirt para sa matatapang!


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