N70 Prize From BNSP


I finally got the first prize of BNSP’s, cough cough, Best Seller of the Year 2008 Contest.

The first prize is one shiny brand new Nokia N70 Music Edition cellphone. Not bad. An early Christmas gift from Buyandsellplus.com.


Other Top 5 Winners of BNSP Best Seller of the Year 2008 Promo are…

BECYPHER - Cellphone
maryjane08: Mary Jane Maulion - MP3
buyshopnet: Rose Elegino - Watch
blizzard23: Ronald Morabe - Watch
Automobilico: Catherine Luciano - USB Flash Drive

Really want to thank the developers of BNSP not only for this valued prize BUT also, for giving us buyers & sellers, an avenue to trade, sell, swap all these years. Buyandsellplus.com is not your next door, fly by night website. This site has been around for quite sometime. I have been using BNSP for almost 6 years now and honestly, I got good memories and experiences using the site.

I sold hundreds of hundreds of items (products from ECBUYPH.COM) using BNSP. I sold my car back in 2004 using BNSP. I met friends and business partners using BNSP. It’s at BNSP where I made my first paid internet advertisement. Buyandsellplus.com is already a part of my surfing habit.

Disclosure… we run our own classifieds site and to tell you, honestly, it aint easy and the ROI on time/money invested is not that high. Running a Philippine classifieds site is almost public service. So, to the users of Buyandsellplus.com, let’s continue to support this site. In the end, we, buyers & sellers are the beneficiaries of a successfully run classifieds site.

In all, it’s been quite a ride using the BNSP (including the bugs & downtime :-) ). Here’s to more years of BNSP and allied sites.

More pictures here.

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