Furniture Shopping Philippines, Now

Discount Furniture Store in the Philippines

Turning your house into a dream home doesn’t have to be mission impossible. It doesn’t have to empty your wallet or max out your credit card limit. The choices should not be limited to be limited to few mainstream furniture stores in the Philippines.

Today, extremely affordable furniture can be had via alternative furniture store like say, ahem, House of Leoque. A discount furniture or affordable furniture store like Leoque doesn’t mean it is offering sub standard furniture, hastily made furniture, etc.

In fact, as a furniture store in the Philippines, Leoque has been supplying hundreds & hundreds of furniture pieces/units, some of which are being shipped/cargoed across the Philippines, in different cities/provinces. We’ve supplied hotels, condos, single detached housing units, bargain furniture hunters, interior designers, contractors, wholesale furniture orders, etc…. a testament to the quality of Philippine furniture we supply.

Why an online furniture store like LEOQUE is able to price their furniture low and yet offer great furniture collection?

It is possible that operational costs are cut, thus, these cuts are being passed on to the clients & buyers. Savings could possibly come from renting a smaller showroom (not renting at SM Malls, Ayala Malls, etc.), great inventory system & logistics, outsourcing other works/jobs/specializations, employing compact but skilled pack of designers, craftsmen & wood workers in the pool, utilizing the power of the internet as marketing vehicle, intelligent sourcing of raw materials, maximizing the workforce output, efficient management, etc. All these are factors why affordable & good-quality products are laid on the table, so to speak.

There is a demand for discount furniture & sale furniture, and Leoque should be able to cater to this demand. The hunt is on for great & affordable furniture pieces. And with the fact that online furniture discount stores are plentiful in the Philippines, we’re positive, you’ll be able to get your furniture requirements in no time. By the way, In your search for Philippine furniture online store, I sure hope you find Leoque Furniture. :-)
Online Furniture Shop:


Offline Furniture Store:

2943-I Gen. Del Pilar St.
Corner South Super Highway
Bangkal, Makati City
G- 09153783437
S -09287412543
+632 7991927

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Bing Search Engine

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Katas ng T-Shirt, Ray Ban

Katas ng T-shirt, Bow!

Piniga ang utak

Nag-isip ng itatatak
Pinilipit ang tees
Kahapon di naka-tiis
T-Shirt ay kumatas
Bumili ng sun-glass
Tatak ay Rayban
Wallet ko ngayo'y, gumaan

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JVC DV Camera P9950 ONLY

The Celebrity Series is a new generation of JVC pocket-size camcorders featuring chic, jewel-like styling in a size that will handily fit into a purse or pocket. The GR-DX77U camcorder features a new super bright all-glass aspherical f1.2 lens - 2.3 times the brightness of an f1.8 lens - all in a design compact enough to allow these models to be nearly 15 percent smaller than the models they replace. Other features include USB connectivity, Video CD creation, e-mail video clips, HG digital stills with two image size settings (1024 x 768/640 x 480 pixels), NightAlive, DVD Navigation, analog input, and a SD/MMC card slot.

  • Built-in auto light using twin LED lights for 1/10th the power consumption and SD/MMC card slot
  • BN-V107US 700 mAh Lithium-ion, high-capacity, rechargeable battery pack; camera has built-in battery charger
  • Low-Profile MiniDV digital camcorder and still camera with 1/6-inch 680,000-pixel CCD
  • 12x optical zoom lens (700x digital zoom) and image stabilizer
  • Crystal View rotating 2.5-inch High Resolution LCD and color viewfinder

Reviews here.

Two things of note. (1) the LCD has one (pixel) line vertical visible line. (2) It has two ways to ZOOM in and out. One at top and one at menu controls. The one at top is of concern. Both cons doesn't affect quality of shots and can easily be checked & repaired by JVC experts if you wish it to be 100% OK.

You may test drive this JVC camera upon pick up. Upon testing at my place, you don't like it, no need to get it.

What is included are the JV camera w/ hand strap, neck strap, battery pack, lens cover, manual, high quality JVC bag, starter 64MB SD card, power charger, remote control.

No warranty but you may do comprehensive testing over at my loc.

More pics here.

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We Got Balls!

  • Accent balls
  • Decorative balls
  • Assorted colors and sizes
  • Colorful and unique accents
  • Retail order is ok
  • Place these in bowls or baskets and make a stunning home decor
  • Put a flavor of nature inside your home

  • Shell decorative balls, 3 pcs
  • A touch of nature right inside your home
  • Assorted make, set of 3 pcs
  • Sphere accents
  • Perfect for accenting bowls, glass jars, baskets, etc.

Go to the HOLe (House Of Leoque, e-Store)

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KFC Italian Roma Rice Bowl

A long long long time ago, I was disgusted with KFC's Cheezy Meltz. Look who's back at Kentucky for another go around of their meal. Ako yun.

Yung kumare nyo kasi mahilig sa spicy chicken meal at sa gravy ng KFC. Kaya no choice, I frequent Kentucky a lot.

This time, I again tried another one of their "commercialized" rice bowl. I went to Italy, I mean, I ordered the ITALIAN ROMA and considering the price... this time, I rate this three-over-six OK.

(I wonder how one food Italian food connoisseur would react to this so-called "italian" meal.)

And himala, the chicken is meatier/bigger than expected and the fried eggplant is fresh. The rice is thicker compared to a regular order of chicken meal. Also, the sauce tastes different this time, perhaps the addition of white sour cream did the trick. To add, the meal is not ugly to look at. That adds to the value.

Speaking of value, tab is P110.00 with large Iced Tea.

Again, this meal OK. Maiba naman..

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Quick Ship Guide Scred

Just a quick shipping guide…

If you are in Metro Manila Philippines, shipping fee is only P60.00 for one (1) to three (3) pcs. For four (4) and above, we’ll add a little.

Outside Metro Manila… For provinces (non-remote areas), for one (1) to two (2) pcs, courier fee is P100. Three (3) to four (4) pieces, ship fee is P120.00. For five (5) pcs and above, we will add little more shipping fee.

Usual payments are via gcash, smartmoney and bank deposit (preferably Metrobank).


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Photo 101: Droplets

Fully manual - shutter, aperture, focus(make a dummy focusing object - AF focus - lock change to manual). fast shutter speed 1/200~up, F8~up, zoom lens 100~200mm(to avoid reflection), continuous low/high speed shooting mode (defend on the speed of your water drop, later chose the best shot), 2 external light (can use study lamp but not fluorescent, bulb or halogen will do) you can also put color diffuser to add color on water & camera on tripod. let the water source drop - continuous shooting...note flashgun can't sync to the speed of shutter & driver you need a continuous light.

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can' find the source/commenter anymore. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.


Photo 101: DSLR & Accessories Shops in the Philippines

Aperture (Banawe) - 732-8991 / 4158454
Shutter Master (Don Bosco, Makati) - 893-3656
Avenue (Hidalgo) 733-5474
Definition Electronics (Makati Cinema Square) - 986-8610
Henrys (Hidalgo) - 733-7723 / 7357989 / 7345099
JT Photoworld (Pasong Tamo) - 899-5018 / 09228995018
Mayer (Hidalgo) - 733-7722
Pixel Pro (Virramall) - 726-9387 / 572-5744
Watson (Hidalgo) - 733-7697
Tay Hua Trading (Binondo) - 242-3152 / 382-5211

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can' find the source/commenter anymore. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.


Photo 101: Panning


On manual, set your camera to a very slow shutter speed, somewhere below 60 (maganda ata ung 15 and below) then adjust mo na lang ung aperture. or u can use the shutter priority feature of your DSLR. it is suggested that you use a tripod for this but you can also try doing it with your hands. so what you do is you look through your cam and follow the movement of the vehicle. once you click the shutter release, don't stop following the movement of the vehicle until the shutter closes. and voila! panning shot ^^ shutter priority , continuous servo and like what he said, "Glide-able Waist, Sturdy Arms, Knees and Legs" :)

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can' find the source/commenter anymore. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.



Tips on how to get better with long exposures at night. 1) always use a tripod to eliminate unwanted blur and camera shake. 2) use a low ISO like 100 or 200 to eliminate grain. 3) use a small opening like f16 or f22 for additional sharpness and deeper depth of field. 4) bracket for time exposure at 5, 10, 20, 40 secs. 5) shoot from a high vantage point or shoot from a low one or shoot head-on with incoming lights. Don't settle for the ordinary eye-level shots. Enjoy!

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can no longer find the source/commenter. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.



Nokia 5000 For Sale

Hi all, we’re selling this brand new mobile phone. As we already have bunch of personal and business phones. Thus selling this below 4K.

ONLY P3950.00

Quick specs…

Sun locked
Brand New
Sealed, opened for photos only
Bundled Sun Prepaid SIM card
Specs here…


More pix here…


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Team Pacquiao T-Shirt

I got this Nike Team Pacquiao t-shirt late so I wasn’t able to wear this during the Hatton massacre last May 3. Not to pout though, looks like Manny Pacquiao will soon have a concert/singing tour here in the Philippines. I may soon catch Manny’s gig then I should be able to wear this Manny Pacquiao t-shirt one of these days.

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I remember,,, Giordano Classic T-Shirt

A gift I received from a HK visitor… a pasalubong… a Giordano white tee.

Whick reminds me of… back in the day, we wore Giordano Classics T-Shirts exclusively. Like, I had all the colors. Back then, those Giordano tees are (literally) cool and will set you back around ( i think) P200 a piece. But it’s sulit, super comfortable to wear, easy to wash, etc. And, as time goes by and as the shirt goes by too, pwedeng pambahay, masarap sa katawan.

WOW, that’s almost a decade ago.

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Student T-Shirts, Elvis T-Shirts, Sugarfree T-shirts and more...


DEAR KUYA at ate, WAG KA NANG UMIYAK, SA WAKAS, wala ng TAGUAN, eto na ang tee na may MARIPOSA, tumawag na sa TELEPONO namin, bago MABURNOUT, err, sold-out ang t-shirt na to.

Our fresh new rockin’ t-shirt comes in sweet colors. As sweet as Sugarfree’s pop alternative drama-love-songs. The design has the image of casette tape just to get the feel of Sugarfree’s beginnings when CDs aint hot but the their music is. Also on the tees, a butterfly has landed, you know what it represents. It also has texts… fresh… mint… cool…a treat that Sugarfree gives evertime they pop an album or perform a song. Each of the three band members too deserve to be tagged fresh, mint & cool. Let’s give the “cool” to Kaka, “fresh” to Ebe, and “mint” to Jal.

For men & women..

P250.00 ONLY



Subtext, (just like dick israel)

It’s now time to pay homage to one great character actor of the Philippines… Dick Israel.

Just take a look at his filmography spanning 3 decades, with films like Cover Girls, the Dormitory, Aliw, Naiibang Hayop, Materyales Fuertes, it’s high time that we respect his longevity, yes the word… longevity! He can do it all. He does it all. To add, he played husband to Tiya Pusit and he was effective.

Top That!

This tee is for us all. For jack of all trades guys, for the chickboys and the chicks, for call center agents, for working students, for all us multi-taskers, etc.

P250.00 ONLY


The time we planned on making tees, John Lennon, Eraserheads, Robert Jaworski are the people that we want to make tshirts out of. But we forgot another big name a cultural icon.

And there’s the king…

Elvis Presley.

And so we printed 2 Elvis Tee. This is the first one. ELVIS, ORIGINAL ROCK & ROLL fused into an equally classic Levi’s like logo. Definitely, a simple rocking Elvis t-shirt. Available both for lady Elvis and gentleman Elvis.

Oh, you should wear, a teddy tee.



The coolest med student tee this side of the earth.

Not your ordinary medicine student t-shirt. This one is way cooler, a little self-mock. Wearer of this tee should be one confident med student. This tee will also serve as an inspiration for him/her to be, well, a real doctor someday. Real real cool med student t-shirt.

For all med students, or for those who know medical students, grab this one cool tee, drop the book for a while and chill out a little.

TEXT PRINT: I’m a med student, DOCTOR WANNABE.

For Men & Women. P250 ONLY


Are you an engineer or an engineering student? Feel this t-shirt print…


Pata sa mga ma-abilidad na engineers & engineering students, this is a fitting t-shirt. Look cool and at the same be proud of your engineering background or profession.

Newton says… for every one engineer, there’s an equal S^Cred t-shirt to wear. That’s the 4th law of Newton.

For men only. P250.00


This is our second Elvis Presley T-shirt… (the first Elvis Tee here)


Elvis has left the building but the legend lives on. As a tribute to the King, we made this Elvis is on the t-shirt design.

Featuring the image of Elvis (not the fat Elvis but the sex symbol Elvis), his name ELVIS, and a Vegas like glitter print of “in on the t-shirt.” Another must-have tee for lovers of vintage rock & roll at a price of P250 only.

Comes in for her and for him versions. Get this cool suave tee now.

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Lee Tee

I mentioned the sale Lee Jean t-shirts at Landmark, as much as 50% off… well, here are the two other shirts I bought.

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Buyer's Crib: MYLENE'S

We’d like to thank Ms. Mylene for getting some of her furniture from House of Leoque. And thanks too for emailing these gorgeous pictures. She got awesome furniture not supplied by us, but the items she bought from us (table console, cocoframe, beanbag, cravs coffee table) help in giving more beauty in her already beautiful home.

And the her house make-over aint done, we’ll still be supplying her side tables, large framed mirrors and other items.

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