KFC Italian Roma Rice Bowl

A long long long time ago, I was disgusted with KFC's Cheezy Meltz. Look who's back at Kentucky for another go around of their meal. Ako yun.

Yung kumare nyo kasi mahilig sa spicy chicken meal at sa gravy ng KFC. Kaya no choice, I frequent Kentucky a lot.

This time, I again tried another one of their "commercialized" rice bowl. I went to Italy, I mean, I ordered the ITALIAN ROMA and considering the price... this time, I rate this three-over-six OK.

(I wonder how one food Italian food connoisseur would react to this so-called "italian" meal.)

And himala, the chicken is meatier/bigger than expected and the fried eggplant is fresh. The rice is thicker compared to a regular order of chicken meal. Also, the sauce tastes different this time, perhaps the addition of white sour cream did the trick. To add, the meal is not ugly to look at. That adds to the value.

Speaking of value, tab is P110.00 with large Iced Tea.

Again, this meal OK. Maiba naman..

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