Photo 101: Panning


On manual, set your camera to a very slow shutter speed, somewhere below 60 (maganda ata ung 15 and below) then adjust mo na lang ung aperture. or u can use the shutter priority feature of your DSLR. it is suggested that you use a tripod for this but you can also try doing it with your hands. so what you do is you look through your cam and follow the movement of the vehicle. once you click the shutter release, don't stop following the movement of the vehicle until the shutter closes. and voila! panning shot ^^ shutter priority , continuous servo and like what he said, "Glide-able Waist, Sturdy Arms, Knees and Legs" :)

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can' find the source/commenter anymore. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.



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