Photo 101: Droplets

Fully manual - shutter, aperture, focus(make a dummy focusing object - AF focus - lock change to manual). fast shutter speed 1/200~up, F8~up, zoom lens 100~200mm(to avoid reflection), continuous low/high speed shooting mode (defend on the speed of your water drop, later chose the best shot), 2 external light (can use study lamp but not fluorescent, bulb or halogen will do) you can also put color diffuser to add color on water & camera on tripod. let the water source drop - continuous shooting...note flashgun can't sync to the speed of shutter & driver you need a continuous light.

*Picked up from multiply.com comment. I can' find the source/commenter anymore. I saved it via .txt file. I'm deleting all the txt file now. Posting here for my own note.



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