What Not-To-Do Before-During-After Super Storm Like Milenyo

Based from my personal experience, these are the things NOT TO DO during stormy days like the millennium’s first super storm (at least, in my view, this was one powerful bastard) Milenyo.

  • Once there is a total blackout, Do NOT over use your laptop, else, you'll be able to do NOTHING for three effing days. Save the power, shut down for a while and help in the house chores. Like, help securing your house to brace for the storm onslaught, like putting hollow blocks and tires on the roof, or tying up your house to a nearby MERALCO post, etc.
  • As with notebooks, do NOT call and text your friends about the storm when they too are being pounded by the storm, it's useless. By doing so, you will just consume the last gasp of your cellphone charge. (And, since I use Samsung, I do not have a car charger accessory.)
  • Do NOT plan on driving by EDSA when the most powerful windstorm is on the way (11:00am, I had a commitment at EDSA Mandaluyong City earlier that day). As I did plan on it. In other words, Do NOT get killed by those ultra-freaking billboards skeletal metal frames. (BTW, This storm is the final nail in the billboard coffin. I expect stricter regulations after the chaos and tragedy these billboards brought at EDSA, SLEX, NLEX and elsewhere. I expect to see and hear MMDA's Fernando ire, fangs, claws, jabs, Executive Orders unleashing more than ever to rule out these billboards.)
  • While the rest of Luzon is blacked out, do NOT leave your refrigerator door opened while it is switched on and go on a Laguna weekend trip. Why? Because once MERALCO finds a way in untangling the wires, posts, transmission lines, billboards, trees mess/puzzle, power will be back soon and you'll have a FREAKIN open ref opened and on all day all night. Leaving the compressor working his ass the whole time. That's a recipe for disaster. An open invitation for Raffy Tima. Thus, while the whole Makati is praying to get power soon, I am praying to the power gods, to let it not be. Coz if power is back there, I'll be sending my butt there at Makati just to close that door.


2006 UAAP Finals Game 1 Ateneo vs UST

One of UAAP's Greatest Games... 2006 UAAP Finals Game 1 Ateneo vs UST... Coach Norman Black pulled one play from his magic hat. This time, his long and winding coaching career proved to be superior against a young gun, Coach Pido Dido.

Freeing Kramer, all alone, by his lonesome, in an island, isolated, free as a bird, free like a true Eagle, a free Blue Eagle... For the sweetest 2 points of his career. Ateneo took 1-0 lead.

Relieve the moments now. (Or at least up until YouTube pulls down the video.)


Makati Condo Search Is On

Now starting from scratch...

I should be leaving my DREAM CONDO within few weeks. I will not be able to breath in this place knowing that just within the compound, a snake lurks. Ready to strike back and break into my condo unit. I'll soon say goodbye to my beloved kitchen, heavenly painted kitchen ceiling, red painted room wall and yellow painted living and dining.

Thus the search is on again...

A 16-Wheeler Dragged My Car

This week ranks high in my Worst Weeks Index of my life.

After unscrupulous bastard/s broke into my newly rented unit last Monday, I now capped my week by being involved in an accident.

A 16-wheeler cargo truck driven by a 60 year old tired looking driver just dragged my Honda for a good couple meters.

If you happen to drove by South Super Highway (Osmena Highway) around 2.30 pm and was stuck at the traffic, we were the reason. Just before the Buendia (Gil Puyat) fly over. That’s me on sun glasses. Ahem! Ahem!

Takes so much time and effort really to get things over. I really did not throw the blame onto the driver. Never cursed him. Did not engage him in a pointless and useless Say Me, Say You scenario. This is because MAPSA Makati Traffic Enforcer clearly saw who's right. I was at the correct lane. The truck driver wasn't.

Police report also favored my account. Thus, the truck insurance provider should handle the brunt of the expense.

The hassle is not over. I should get to the truck’s head office and get some papers so they can get my fatigued car back into shape. Literally.

Damn truck.


All I Can Say is FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

After dreaming of settling in a nice condo, (story here, here and here) , a FUCKING BURGLAR entered my unit. The shit stole my late Father's only physical gift to me, a RING. He took a couple of handy things too, a watch, 5 gadgets (cams, MP3 Players, etc.), gold bracelet. Yes, he is a he. I got a feeling I know who's the fucking culprit. But what's the most important thing he took, besides the RING, is my trust in this whole Condo Admin, Security. I was only there for 5 freaking days, and after a leisure break at Cavite, this is what I got! I think I am moving my ASS again this month. I don't think I can not fathom this thing out.



Of Cable TV, Broadband and Airconditioner

I haven't been able to do some posting in here. I was busy packing up things and moving to a new place.

I transferred the tiny-winnie-things by myself, the precious stuff and let the Lipat Bahay do the heavy stuff. Actually, I rented a PUJ and 2 guys to do the job, not pro-lipat-bahay. Negative 1K right there just to bring the refrigerator, old-AC, bed, couple of chairs and tables, just four blocks away.

Now I am here. With all the folded cartons (my sofa as of now), tangled wires, styro bits floating and swaying, crappy internet connection, boxes everywhere, And... blogging on the floor.

The highly controversial 1.5HP Condura Aircon is now pumping air while my old 0.75HP room AC, I had it mounted in the Living Room. In case you want to know, cost of mounting was negative P350.00 for the 2 ACs.

The cable TV is still hooked-up when I transferred here (old alibi huh?) so I got cable TV still. I will not remove this up until they see this. I am no saint. It's their job to go thru their network.

Have signed up for Globe's Broadband and it will be connected soon. Or so the Globe Telecom agent says. If it takes them some week/s just to have my installation done, I can only imagine how many days it will take them to fix my subscription is something goes haywire.

Funny how I searched for a decent place for me to take care of my otomobil then I landed here. From 2nd floor up to 5th floor, all units are using AC non-stop, all dousing my car with endless streams of H20. Including my AirCon.

No perfect world, no perfect place, no perfect situation.


Charles Barkley Video Mix

Primer: As Sir Charles heads to Springfield for his HOF induction, see this Charles Barkley mix. What a fun player!

See how he blocked the opponents’ shots and dunks. Either he was sending it way out there or he is taking the ball in the air like it’s a rebound. See how he timed his blocked shots. See where he was taking off in finishing fast breaks with a vicious slam. See Kareem backed off. See how a 6 foot 4 inch Power Forward dominated the game of basketball, people are bouncing off him. See how fast, slick and powerful he was.

At one point of the video, after slamming the ball, sent the defender to the floor, then he threw the ball straight to the fallen guy. Nice Charles!

You know why he had the appetite in slamming the ball two handed? His mitt isn't big, unlike that of MJs.

More story about Sir Charles here.

SM Appliance Center Service

My blood pressure shoot up again last night as two dudes at SM Appliance Center screwed up big time. Well, at least to my razor thin tolerance for inefficiencies.

Though my sched is tight as a whatever, I decided to sneak in some time to score a 1.5HP Aircon for my new place. Off to SM Appliance we went. I was assisted, but minutes later, it was is time-off. Another combo came in as his replacement, this time, Ernie and Bert assisted me.

Ernie and Bert took an eternity to finish the damn invoice. My partner hinted that these guys were busy computing the sale commission rather than getting thru with the invoice. We may be wrong.

And... I interrupted couple of times, what's the final cost, they keep on coming back with, 'sir we are computing still' (in Filipino). What the?! P16800 X percentage discount isn't that complicated. Unless SM Appliance center uses special algorithms in establishing discounts.

And when I was called at the counter, I was to pay P19000 when what I was buying is a P16800 less insignificant discount (P300). I was billed a Carrier machine when, what I ordered was the relatively cheaper Condura. He was insisting that I ordered Carrier. Never, did I mention that because prior to going there, my budget is set below the P17000 range.

Hell broke up loose at the paying center. I was saying to everyone out there, had it been an American who experienced their service, they'll be getting more than my litany. Nobody dared to speak up coz they know I have a point.

I was talked into settling the thing and revising the invoice. The ‘tisoy’ manager fixed the thing up and I paid the bill.

If you happen to ask why this entry is so long, because I am now wating for the all-important Aircon here in my new place. The agreed time was 12 noon up to 3 pm. So I am stuck here without an internet hook up still. Drafting this one for later posting.


Philippine Basketball BLOG: HOOPS.blink.ph

Today, we agreed to release our new Philippine Basketball BLOG.

That's at http://hoops.blink.ph

Still needs fine-tuning and we posted some entries just to get ball rolling.

If you got time, check it out. We'll be glad to receive some feedbacks.



Redefining Work Cubicle

Some years back, I too work 8-5pm and was at the mercy of my bosses in terms of what pay increase should I get, what designation should be printed on my business card and if I will ever have my own cubicle. Just like the managers huh, your own space. Hell, even me acquiring a P150.00 mouse would go thru the bosses. So after 2.5 years of employment, called it quits and I was (and am) Free As A Bird.

Speaking of cubicles and since I have been posting about my imminent relocation, just like to post this new desk. Literally are work cube. If my finances allows me too, I am planning to dump my black desk in favor of one that would suit my new home. Let me see if this model fits...

Imagine this box placed at the corner of the room then instantly pops up as work area. Only, the actual desktop is small and I don't like the idea of having your 10,000 peso monitor hanging in the balance when used and even when folded down. Also, it seems to me that the WorkCube was designed for desktop users. Another drawback. Speaking of draw, can you see drawer? I only see some sort of CPU space allocation. Me thinks too that this would be better had it been varnished with some sort of maple tone as stock natural color is dull. And when not in used, it kinda looks like a palo-tsina-crated-equipment ready to be shipped to Boeing. For students in dormitories, room renters or even high school cool kids, this would be a nice novelty. But for work-loaded people (ahem), this won't do the job.

Home New Home

A lot going on with me now. I am sleeping almost 1 am every night/dawn the past weeks and waking up at around 7am. Working early AM until past Cinderella’s curfew.

Reason, lots of projects on hand. Plus I am moving in my new place right at SSH Makati City.

Where I'm at, this will be the last few days here. When I transferred in this studio 2 years ago, I wanted it to be sleek, all black-gray-white. And it happened but now moving in a new direction and a new color scheme preference.

My color combo shows that I maybe getting old. As this time, it's now GREEN Kitchen, YELLOWish/PEACHY Living and Dining Area, REDish BedRoom, WHITE Walk-in Closet and WHITE T&B. I made a deal with the owner that I’ll get the place but I’ll have it colored my way. He obliged. Why not? Think 1 month advanced and 3 months deposit.

After two years of stay here, I'll be moving my ass out to new place, to give me peace while doing my thing. This move has more to do with my work rather than a personal indulgence. I.e., I need a place with parking; I need one where there is a separation between bedroom and work area; I need a Guard-Guarded building; I need a place without a barking dog next to my unit; I need a place with my own mailbox; Etc.

I now have to do kick-ass-work to pay for the bills and rent.

Just giving myself 1 to 2 years here then, if God permits, I'll be moving back south of city or get RTO place and settle down.


Saying Goodbye To My Basketball Posts

Sadly, my Basketball posts in this HIDE YOUR MONKEY BLOG will soon come to an end. I am down to few more postings here then will be moving on.

The Good News is, I have teamed up with other guys, and we'll soon be launching our blog to specifically deal with Basketball, NBA, PBA, NCAA and UAAP, US NCAA and other sports close to our (Filipinos) hearts.

This blog will perhaps be used to post my occassional dining experiences when I go out to get some not-so-fresh air, to see the real world.

Nah... other topics would also come up, Information Technology, Basketball Topics not suited for general audience, ShowBuzz where parental presence is required, et al.

Stay connected.


Sending in NBA Champs/Team Is an OPTION

At this point, no more wake-up-call cliché as the US Redeem Team are 0-for-3 the last major basketball meets. They should have been awaken long time ago, as early as the Sydney 2000 Olympics scare. They are now the ReDoomed Team. Before they can even go to the China Olympics (Remember the 3 year commitment?), they need to do some qualifying games in Venezuela’s Americas Games. With all the hype and supposedly more focused US Ball preparation, they will be lucky to get by Argentina and get the consolation Bronze.

Why not let the NBA National Champions represent the NBA. I would think, Greece can't handle Miami Heat that easily. FIBA rules or not.

There is enough talent in a given NBA team. A team which has players who know their roles. A team with legit go to guy/s. A team with defensive players ready to lock-in players. A team that can play both offense and defense in sync. Basically, a ready T-E-A-M.

Basketball is a team sport, you can not just assemble all-star team (contrary to the perceived better handling of the selection, the USA still formed and all-star line-up having Melo, James and Wade carrying the NBA Marketing Torch, err, US Torch) and pit it against well-oiled European National teams. Having too many scorers in a team, makes the offense confusing at times. Too much deferring is going on.

The only problem in sending a full NBA team is, outside Miami and Detroit, when you pick out the International Player/s in a certain team, you'll and up with mediocre team.

Think Dallas without Dirk, Phoenix Suns without Nash, Spurs without Manu and Parker, Rockets without Yao and Memphis without Gasol.

Which leads me to this point, maybe its just the way. Borrowing a line from fellow basketball fan Jimmy Santos, it isn’t THE WAY IT USED TO BE. Since a lot major NBA stars are now foreign bred and 3 straight times, the US team got busted in FIBA games, maybe all should accept the fact that the US is no longer on top of the basketball world.

If the US Team can't handle Greece, can the American basketball aficionados handle the truth?

Rules Rules Rules! FIBA vs NBA

Americans down by 5 in 4th quarter, still with time, Hinrich wrapped up a Sofaklis to prevent an easy and sure two. It was called an intentional foul. FT and possesion. Though Greece muffed the two free throws, they still got the ball remember? What's next? Greece drilled in a three. Gold medal hopes down the Japanese drain. FIBA or NBA rule? What do you like?

Fouls. International basketball is a more physical game but only allows 5 fouls. Commit a technical foul and it will add up to your total.

Duration. International game has 40 minutes of game time, whereas in Pro Basketball you got 48 minutes. That’s why against Greece, the US Team, having its mind and body conditioned to play 48 minute game, was coming along strong in the 35-minute mark of the game. Me thinks, another 8 minutes would have done the Greeks.

Size. A regulation FIBA court is only 91 feet, 10 inches by 49 feet, 2.5 inches. An NBA court is 94 feet by 50 feet. That’s 3 feet more side space, more room to operate. And so, when Greece zoned up (as did many other teams that played US) yesterday, when they packed it in inside, the US team was forced to shoot more outside shots, then they failed.

What's Wrong With US Ball?

When will the American Basketball realize that they can't do basketball that way. They can’t and shouldn’t form a team 2 to 3 weeks and have the players do quick scrimmages. Yeah the player pool was given months back, but when they did begin working out as a team? When did they do the Xs and the Os? When did the players receive scouting report, if any?

Even in the NBA, training camp is conducted and pre-season games are held. And heck, for some, a whole regular season is needed to fine tune team's cohesion. Think Miami Heat.

Coach K is a legend, but my thinking is, since the US team can’t outshoot Greece, he should have gone big and try to dump the ball inside Howard and Brand. Let the two anchor the US half court defense. Control the boards, own the middle and slow down the game. What happened was, they were shredded into pieces and burned time and again by pick and rolls. A simple play that can be countered by a good team defense.

Another setback for US Basketball, in a tournament that was looked into by the US Ball Organization closely. What is there to for Colangelo and the gang? I mean, they were together in this one as team? What steps are to be done?

Now will the Bronze even matter?


Mall Of Asia : Exploration - Gerry's Grill

In our continuing quest of going thru all corners of Mall Of Asia, we dropped by there around 8PM yesterday. Just after visiting and checking out the newly painted, newly Pronto-waxed flooring of the Apartment I am moving in to. More on this in few days.

Anyways, off to Gerry's Grill we went. There was nothing wrong with Gerry's really. It was the combo of what we ordered that didn't quite made my Chemistry subject useful.

Lessons Learned:
  • Crab Rice and Sisig don't exactly match.
  • Molo Soup doesn't do well with Crab Rice either.
  • Sisig is best consumed along with two bottles of San Mig Light and not Green Mango Shake.
  • Crab seasoned rice would do well proabably with Grilled Tilapya.
  • Conclusion: P600 peso tab would have been better served if we got the Bulalo.

Eugene Tejada Game

You may want to see a live charity game, help along the way and feel good about yourself. Eugene Tejada, a Purefoods player, landed badly against Red Bull months back. Let's help him get back up. Prayers too will help. Post/Pass this around.

Remember PBA cager Eugene Tejada? Well he suffered that unfortunate fall, and needs to undergo a 12M operation. I wish anyone who is anyone who knows anyone that might want to donate and help Eugene. I got texts from a friend and they will be mounting a charity game on Sep. 23 at the San Juan Gym. Please support this project. Thanks. For any donations of money, or services, please email genie@steakproductions.com and text 09274414311

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