Meet The (MY) Beatles (Frame)

My Nanayski had this HK trip last weekend and among other things she brought home, she gave me one wooden Beatles frame. Kinda on the heavy side pasalubong considering she had to tuck it inside her luggage. Much appreciated. Featuring the image from the MEET THE BEATLES album.

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Site Dev 1

about 7 days onto the works... this is the mini partition with niche, separating the mini dining room from the mini living room inside this mini unit...

look out helter, skelter... wrong! this config is now history.., the 4 x 2 should be on top of the 2 x 6 bolted to the concrete...
i repeat, this set-up is absolutely not right...

room elevation is via 2x4 wood, 3/4 ply on top, finish with vinyl... that aircon slot, the men at work are using that as their temp ventilation and entertainment break... the lady in the next building is somewhat a show-off.
i'll be going to the site again this PM to give 20K, much needed cash for the fabrication of steel spiral stairs to access the loft and storage area...

the proj is shaping up.

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I am tired... I am the defacto chief engineer at my house renov. I went at site two times, am & pm. The contractor I got is such a baby. I am spoon feeding what to be done. I commuted back and forth and back and fifth. My car is coding on Tuesdays. I fixed some websites. We are cooking one corp big sale here. I made blog entries. I checked my 100 email accounts. I applied for one BPI Bank Account. We are still figuring out how to stop bot registrations here. I'll attend one birthday party right about now. But I did this post eh? Just for my record.


Buy and Sell in the Philippines thru Blozoom.com

Buy and Sell in the Philippines thru Blozoom.com

Been BZ past days... as in BZ!... as in B!Z... as in Blozoom! Busy.

I have been selling online way back then & been creating sites using opensource software. Then, one morning while peeing, I said, lemme make a buy and sell site for our own usage, fun and testing. We use only few online selling sites(auction.ph, buynsellplus.com, ebay.ph and sulit.com.ph), so we created another one albeit lesser features than others. But still, this one is full feature classifieds sites waiting to take your items for sale, unwanted stuff, etc.

Sell you house, sell your camera, sell you car... Check out Philippines Buy and Sell site... Cool buying and selling... Post for free... Fast way of contating the buyer and seller... Yes, free posting of ads... online selling in the Philippines, fast... ladies and gentlemen, another free Philippines clasiffieds site... it's simple to use and did I mention FREE...

BLOZOOM.COM - Buy Sell Fast - Buy and Sell Philippines

The to-do list for Blozoom.com is long and we will be fine tuning the site in the coming days. We marked Feb 14 2008 as the actual birthdate of Blozoom.com. If we can find some freebies to give that day (ah yes, Feb 14 is Valentines day), we'll be happy to share some stuff!!! Hey, we got no Sogo Hotel or Wise Hotel gift check. (On other note, hard copy Buy and Sell Philippines Newsprint gives, Sogo Hotel discounts.)

Head over at Blozoom.com and be one of the early birds. BLOZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

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