Akyat Bahay

Almost up to nothingness these past three days. That is because, last Friday our house was hit by one mother fucking bastard. Almost 100K worth of properties was stolen. I'll hold the story for another day as my attention is FIBA Asia Tourney focused.

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Tulo! Tulo! Tulo! Tulo! Tulo!

I am now here at Honda Cars. Checked in at around 8am, its now 11am and no quotation still. And I thought this Honda branch would close down for lack of clients. To my surprise, I am already customer number 14 despite the early log in.

Geez, I thought my auto is running in full throttle... ( I even bought some things and fixed minor probs last week, not knowing the engine needs some attention) ...not even close. The engine got STD.

I am now waiting for the quotation of the Honda service advisor. Based on the LEAKS he pointed out, I am looking at a disastrous 7K to 10K parts and labor for the leak containment. At least 5 areas (sealants and or gaskets) to need to be taken cared of. I hope I am wrong. If this goes less P5K, i'll go for it now (if they have the parts).

The top gasket was just replaced 3 mos ago by one Bangkal Makati auto shop.

The lesson learned: When dealing with the car engine (and other major systems like brakes, transmission, electrical wiring), I WILL NO LONGER GO FOR SO-SO AUTOSHOP. To the Honda Service Casa I shall go. Just a waste, spending P700 for a gasket (and labor) then you'll have the gasket dumped in 2 to 3 months.

Only Honda's (unintentional) free wi-fi is keeping me sane from 4 hours of waiting and the prospect of another negative P5K to P10K. Thank you thank your for your careless IT head. I love "unsecured network". Advise to car service centers, if you'll have unsecured wifi network, you gotta serve us free coffee too (or at least you should have foods4sale).

UPDATE: The cost is P6258.00 (P2730 parts and P3150 labor). Add the subsequent P900 change oil. To be replaced are distributor oil seal, distributor o-ring, cylinder head cover gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump seal, oil pump o-ring, shifting lever oil seal, spool valve filter and others. I estimated it at 7k to 10k and now I got the quote. Just a couple of hundred bucks over P7000.00. Parts will arrive Aug 2. I will have my auto fixed Aug 6. Meanwhile, I should be dropping oil in the coming days just to maintain minimum oil level.

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Part Of Web Hosting Income Goes To My Car

Yesterday, I got a cute little 100$ from the webhosting racket we do. And I declared long time ago, part of web hosting income should go to my car named "black mamba", as in "black mambabarurot."

Today, I kinda had a half day work. To EVANGELISTA MOTORWAY i went. For the uninitiated buyers, Evangelista St. is just like Banaue Ave, only shorter. Ave > St.

You need auto spare parts? Evangelista traders got em all here. Sources? Only God knows where they are getting these auto parts.

First up, I had the rear actuators changed. Auto door not working smoothly. After the sweaty mechanic opened up the inner door panel, he saw both installed actuators are busted. The brand is "Cobra." From the looks of the Cobra Actuators (color blue and plastic looking), the piece really won't last the constant actuation. I had the 2 actuators replaced with a generic set, color black and looks like it’s more rigid than the blue cobra. Price per actuator is P350 but I haggled down to P300 each.

(pardon the pix, it's flash/lamp flooded)

I also changed the stock side marker lights to a white one. This one, not needed really, just wanted the side marker to complement the color of head and tail lights (no yellow tone). I replaced the stock model. But I will not sell these stock side lights. I am keeping this one for later installation when I get tired of the white one. New one is Tawain made. Price is P550 and later adjusted to only P450, I am a long time buyer at shop.

(still needs cutting)

If you pass by Evangelista St. at Bangkal Makati City ( i dwell at Pasay Road), you will also see tons of mat vendors. Since the trunk mat I am using is kinda saggy and soft, I bought a new rubber mat. Initial price tag is P450 to cover the whole trunk space. But just be firm when dealing with these sellers and you'll get a better price. My purchase price is only around P80 per square meter. I paid P200 for over 2 sq.meters of rubber matting. I told them, they need not cut it for me. I want to cut it myself so it will perfectly fit the shape of the trunk.

And after 2 hours or so of fixin and buyin, to the car wash baby. Wash is P40.00 and vacuum cleaning is only P30.00.

There you go, it's really nice that I have other source of funds. So that, stuff like these I don't need to get straight out of my primary income.

(go go go rp 5ive players, MYMP)

BTW, the Philippine Flag I got from Araneta Center during the China - Team Pilipinas basketball game is proudly stationed at the backseat. In support of the RP Five...

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CEU Scandal




Sonya's Garden Rep Sucks

We were to eat at Sonya’s Garden at Cavite yesterday to celebrate one big sale made my Sis and Bro's company (btw, I am proud to be an incorporator in that company). Because I was engaged on another family meet-up (my wife's, newly wed remember), my family had to wait for us. We all went on a semi-fasting to really give belly-space and feast on Sonyas Garden salad delights.

At around 6pm, we left our car at my mother's crib and just tagged along another auto to save gas and rest. For your info, Sonia's Garden is located at earth's end. You really need capital E.F.F.O.R.T. if you intend to get eccentric fresh salad, salmon and sweet kamote for the dessert.

Tired and starving, we arrived at around 7:30pm, all twelve of us. Upon dining entrance, presto, this Sonia's floor manager welcomed us and she said in Filipino, "Ay mam, di na po pwede."

Borrowing a line, the thing is, as a resto manager or whatever she is, she should have chosen a nice set of words in cases like this, and not just say, "di na pwede." Another irritating question she popped, "is this your first time here?" Then, she mentioned something about getting reservation. (If it was Sonya's Bed and Breakfast or room check in, yes, the reservation is necessary. But for garden dine-in, I believe no reservation is needed. Anyhow, with or without reservation, a considerate chit chat is called for. So she's aware, that effort was made to reach the place.)

About the "first time" question, answer is NO btw, I've been there 3 times. Some of us, been there 6 times. In fact, we had a personal chat with Ms. Sonya herself, telling us one time, to take our time and enjoy the food. She said, this is all about "leisure eating." In short, Beck the rep, don't bring me that first time and reservation crapshit. I travelled some miles, countless cities, three provincial boundaries and exactly 2 hours to be there at Sonya’s, don't show me the door that quick when I missed the closing time only by 30 minutes.

There were still a lot of diners when we arrived, some are freshly served still. I know, you know, we know, you can do something about it and serve us.

I heard her reasoning out a couple of pointless things, then I interjected. The question was, ok ok ok, Sonias got cut-off of 7:00pm, BUT, is this the first time that diners entered the room past 7pm. Did you show the exit this quick at each every late check in. I am precise, that is not the case. She would definitely reconsider the decision if we were foreigners. Next time I comea in there late, I'll be wearing a redhead hairpiece.

Her explanations? It would be hard to boil the eggs. Sa tagalog nya sinabi, "mahirap na po maglaga ng itlog". Damn, dito na nag-init ang itlog ko. Send me to Mount Everest, 12 midnight, I'll be able boil an egg (with the right pressure adjustment, that is) kahit itlog ng BF nya. Then, she said, she could serve us, but some salad ingredients will not be included. What the fuck! If there is half-bake cake, here goes half-dressed salad. Then the Beck-clincher, they don’t have enough dressing. What's up with that? If I checked in 6:59, you have dressing?

Sigh, sigh and more sighs. Now you know why Filipinos remain to not explore Philippines, priority kasi ng kapwa Pinoys are the foreigners.

We just went to Josephine's instead. Josephine's Restaurant rocks! Sonia's Garden rep sucks!

UPDATE: JULY 10 2007 - Tita Sonya herself called up my sister, she's inviting us for a dinner she'll personally host. Dunno bout my Family, but to me, Sonya's Garden is no more. Though I am sucker for veggie salad, I'll have to look for other resto to satisfy my palate. Kudos to Tita Sonya for the sweet response. Just as I thought, it's the receptionist that erred, the resto is fine.

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In The News: Scam, Fire, Electric Jeepney and Basketball

In the news.

Am watching 24-Oras (24-hours), four news bits struck me.


As per report, a new internet scam is presently victimizing some “investors” (gamblers). When are we gonna learn? There is no easy money.

On TV, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) head has his PC browsing SULIT.COM.PH. While discussing PYRAMIDING on the internet, his browser is on this page at Sulit.com.ph. He was referring specifically, to the FRANCSWI$ “trading”.

The title alone ($$ Earn Easy Money $$ Total Financial Freedom from Home) would make me think twice about joining this kind of stuff. Go over the post at Sulit.com.ph and follow the thread. Cool thing about the post, he’s cool with the critics’ response to his post. The guy is responding, point by point.

Read man. Be careful with easy money investments. I repeat, there is no easy money.


The Minnesota Mansions fire at Cubao QC. Said not to have clearance from fire dept.

Three persons killed. For us who are to move to a condo in two to three months, my gastric juice is acting up. A little scary. We’ll be moving to a fifth floor unit. The building we’re transferring to has sprinkler system, fire alarm, fire exits, but still, condo dwelling means you are at mercy of other tenants’ fire safety knowledge (or lack of it) as well. As early as now, we will be gearing up, we’ll buy our own fire escape rope and gas mask. Budget: P5000 or so. Can’t take chances.

The Minnesota Mansion is owned by a Wilson Genato, reports said. Sounds family? His brother, William Genato, is the owner of the Manor Hotel along Kamias Street in Quezon City. Manor was on fire in 2001, killing 70 people. All in the family I guess.


Makati City launched an Electric Jeepney. One question though, why does it have to in line with “jeepney.” Or maybe they have to do this for the “papansin” effect.

Can’t we develop an electric vehicle aptly named, like, if it will be used around Makati or city use, why not call City Shuttle? The Shuttler? Or since it Binay’s project, “Binaybay.” Anything but “jeepney.” To me, jeepneys represent the Philippine technology stag-Nation.

From TV news, here are the details…
  • Yes, it’s called Electric Jeepney. Clever.
  • Price is around 500K. Add 200 more and you got quality sedan.
  • It’s a Greenpeace, Makati City and private corporation, Solar Electric Company team up.
  • Charging is 8 hours, enough to cover 120 km. How about traffic?
  • It’s on 6-month test phase. If successful, they roll in 50 units, initial stage. They plan to put the sale under Makati’s cooperatives.

RP National Basketball team with another heartbreaking loss. My story here.

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