Go Spurs Go

And so Tim Duncan clinched his 3rd title of his career. Me thinks TD is not done yet. Remember, all throughout this playoffs, TD is coming off from injuries left-right but still was able to get another ring. Not even 30, he still got 4-5-6 good years in the tank therefore possibly taking a couple more hardware. The pieces are in place for him to do so: (1) Manu Ginobili career is surging. (2) He's got a decent big in Mohammed. (3) Still capable tandem of oldies in Barry and Horry. (4) Nice young reserves. Therefore, they've got to be the team to beat in 2006. Now, if Tony Parker can only hit his 18 footer and farther shots, it would be a lock. This guy, Tony, hasn't improve his game in a couple of years. Now approaching his mid-20s, let's see if he has anything to show next year other than Eva.

Come next season, there would not be much marquee player movements, so by the process of elimination, let's see who'll will take it all next year. In the East, it will still be the triangle of Indiana, Heat and Detroit. It will be very intriguing to see what Indy has to offer now the Uncle Reggie has left the building. This coming season, I sense that as soon as good boy Ron Artest is on the hardwood again, now that Stephen Jackson is formally Pacers 2 guard, Tinsley's and Jermaine's all healed up, I put this team over the Heat. I'll put everything on the line here, I say Shaq O'Neal is quite done. Approaching 34, with so much weight to carry around, he's body is givin up on him. No amount if conditioning can make a body carry 350 pounds day in day out. I'll bet my bottom peso he will not register 60 regular season games. Other than Wade, I do not see much fire power in that team. And assuming that the Diesel is "100 per cent" healthy, his 100% nowadays is roughly equal to 70% of yesteryears. It is is interesting to note that, in Shaq's Championship Years, when he was 100% full throttle, with KOBE as his tag team partner, he did not get his belts that easy. They had it very very tight in Portland and Sacramento in different years. And now that his 100% is not really a hundred per cent, it would not come easy. In fact, it will be hard. So hard, that Pat Riley will realize there is no point in exteding Shaq's Miami run. In the end, it will be Indiana versus Detroit in the east. Detroits core will still be intact and maybe Darko will finally play but up until I know who'll coach the Pistons, ill put the east on hold. (I can't decide the East, what with Brown, flirting with the Cavs. In case, Who then will handle the pistons? Why not Laimbeer?)

As for the west, assuming only minor tweaks in the line up will happen, I see only 2 teams that are capable of dethroning the spurs, the Rockets and the Suns. I like Nowitzki's game but this guy needs help bad. Dampier is shaky and the scoring punch of Finley and Stackhouse is getting old. Finley's mileage is so high. If Cuban can't fixed this line up as well as his hairdo, the Dallas will make the play-offs for series or two then adios again. Not even conference finals. As early as now, we read that Phoenix is making some moves to get a center, so they can move Stoudemire back to 4. NY Kurt Thomas is being mentioned in exchange for Richardson. Regardless of posotion, Stoudemire's game is SCARY. Real Scary. I smell something big for Amare. This guy will be breaking records next season. And then, there's the Rockets, 10 years after the Dream put the Houston on the sporting map, they now again have a chance. With Yao and McGrady playing together for a year, they should be a factor in the west. If I remember it correctly, their GM won the front office award, so maybe, we can expect the Yao-TMac combo to be flanked by complementary players. Maybe younger players this time. But in the end, a team will remaining standing, celebrating once again. Back to back. I can not wait for next season.

The Spoon Fed LA/Kobe segment below...

What about my beloved Lakers... The drama is now back in L.A. MaZter Zen is back, and now with a vengeance. He wants to prove the he can build a TEAM. A TEAM who's foundation is, Ahem, Ahem, KOBE BRYANT! Let see now what Kobe has to offer, now that he is the main man of a structured team. Last year is a mess. Odom does not even know his position! They have as many Hollywood Stars in the courtside as their Small Forwards. L.A. has a lot of fixin to do. Positions 1 and 5 at the top of the list. If only Yao and Amare are available now. But then again, I do not know if they have cap space to take either one. But then again part 2, why the hell would Yao leave TMac for another premaddona baller in Kobe. And, why the hell part 2, would Amare go to LA, if he is the King Sun and possibly King NBA, meaning NBA MVP next year.


Lucky Number Three

After the Deeeeee-troit Pistons tied the series, I was no where to be found in this blog. I thougth the pistons would go All-The-Way, back-to-back! (magic's accent). But the for the pistons fans, it was HORRY-fic. 'Sheed doubled up Manu late in OT, and he was served some Bobby-June-Specials. A three! And so the Spurs is up 3 to 2. One game away from Duncan's ring number 3. Also, it would be Manu's back to back to back World Championships in a 3 year span. Let's see if he can get the collections of NBA rings in 2003 and 2005 while having an Olympic Gold Medal in between, captured last year 04 . Plus, it will be Popovich's 3rd ring too. Though I have been writing off the Pistons, I say to Spurs, get it in 6 games. They would not want to battle the Pistons in a game seven, where anything goes, including the coveted trophy.


NBA Report

Game 3 of NBA Finals tomorrow. Ginobili is the MVP of the series so far. This guy is something. Give Manu an inch, and he'll get inside the paint. Clog the middle during his penetration, he'll dish out to teammates in the wings and corners. Single coverage and he'll roll and scoop his way to the rim. He can also shoot the treys (I think he made 3 yesterday) by the way. He's maybe around 27 years old, so we'll see maybe 5 to 6 years of pretty good MANUball. And, in this span, assuming this series is a lock, can Tim Duncan get 5 NBA Championship Rings? He needs only 2 after this series is all said and done. If he'll get 5, I think he'll be in the class of Magic and Bird and probably, ahem, ahem, MJ himself. When others have failed to win it all like Barkley, Malone, Ewing, Stockton, etc getting 3 (and more) is reaaly somethin so I am sure TD will go for the kill.

Segway to Kobe... Kobe has 3 rings, but he was Shaq's mini-me during those years. And so, the race is on between Kobe and Shaq to get another ring without each other. Kobe had rough start on his Main-Man championship quest with unreliable supporting cast and unstable coaching. While for Shaq, the Pistons slammed the door to him albeit he has kobe-like Wade with him. NBA Next year, it will be another great ride. Can Tracy get out of the 2nd round? Will Yao be better than 15 points 8 rebounds player? Can Dirk deliver in the play-offs? Can anybody stop Stoudemire from getting his first MVP and a possible championship too? Will Phoenix run and gun still? Will Kobe be ever alive again? Does the Diesel has some gas left or maybe Wade is ready to be the next Jordan?

With these thoughts, are the Pistons done? Why the hell I am looking forward to the next season?

For the record, there have been quite a few failed Next-Jordans. Penny, Grant and Carter to name a few. Tracy is nearing the end of his Next-Jordan tag meaning he too is not quite like Mike. Currently, only Kobe can compare a bit. I think LeBron should be able to taste Play-offs first. Wade is surging quite well, let's wait and see.

For the record 2: Today, Michael Jackson is a FREE Man or whatever he is. He's BAD!


Product Review - Digilife DDV-S670

Product Review: Digilife DDV-S670 DV Camera Price - P10,500.00

We've read it all too many times. We've seen it many times. All these Do-It-All cameras, 6 in 1 Digicams, Gazillion-in-one cameras, etc. But can they really do it all or better to buy separate gadgets with specifics functions in mind. The essence of these gadgets is that, can it do all its stated functions adequately? Recently, I was asked by MAG.ecbuyph.com Editor to do a review of Digilife's DDV-S670. And now, I'll be bringing in the news, this is one is worth the look and worth the feel. By and large, DDV-S670 unit passed my standards with flying megapixel colors.

Yeah I know you have your mobile phone camera ready for those handy shots, but DDV-S670 is equipped with 3.1 MegaPixel Advanced "4T" CMOS Sensor capable of producing 3 Megapixel still shots and up to 6.6. Megapixel interpolated still pics. Now that's huge. I did my math, this resolution is more than 20 times larger compared to your cellphone camera. Handy as it is, DDV-S670 puts new meaning to handy shots because now, you’ll be getting sharp and crisp images. It uses MPEG4 Technology. MPEG4 what? A technology that lets the camera capture higher quality videos at less file size. Result: DDV-S670's captured videos is above satisfactory. With prices of Memory Cards going down, user can buy a couple of cards, and capture large amount of videos. (and voice, still pictures and music).

Yes Music. Can we live without music? I think no. I say no. So pack the MMCs and SDs with Bamboo's Power Vox and Kitchie Nadal's crooning and enjoy music at commute, at work, at home, wherever! Enjoy music as you please. Memory slot can take capacity up to 512 MB. FYI, a 256 MB card can store about 60 MP3 songs. I don't know about you, but 60 songs would really enlighten and cover my day's boring times. Thinking of buying MP3 Player, say worth P3000.00 (55USD)? Hmmmm... Think twice. You may just want to add up and get Digilife's DDV-S670.

DDV-S670 270 degree LCD Flipped Open DDV-S670

DDV-S670 does not have this "cheapo-crammy" look and feel at all. Does not feel like a toy like some DVs. Stylishly designed, made of aluminum shell, you wouldn't be ashamed to show off. In fact, you will show-off. And why not? Just see the user interface, with brightly colored LCD graphics. Just flip the LCD at different angles. With its 270 degree swiveling LCD, you can even take a decent self portrait. Large 2.0" LCD is larger than its class so previewing captured images and specially videos is quite enjoying. Can even act as AVI video player. I was not quite thrilled watching videos on a 2" screen, so I used TV out function and watch captured video on my flat TV. It has a built-in 16MB memory so shoot right-away, straight out of the box. Yet again, I am sure 16MB is not enough for you too, the memory is expandable, load up SD or MMC memory flash cards. Pretty usable 8X digital zoom but no optical zoom though. Can be used as flash drive and card reader, for file transfer and back up. It is powered by Li-Ion rechargeable battery. No need to endlessly buy AA batteries over at Seven-Eleven. Special and licensed photo video apps are bundled along with others quality accessories.

Others may not even care (I don't), but this unit is a full functioning Voice Recorder too therefore quite useful at work or in school. And, it can serve as a Webcam too. So, if you will be selling selling "Danggit" (read: Cebu Philippines' Dried Fish) to an American Buyer, you can have them quality checked the Danggit visually. Only, they wouldn't be able to smell the danggit. Unlucky them or maybe lucky them.

This model has its downside too that is worth mentioning. Almost always, this would be available on a 6 months or less warranty from stores. Uses Li-Ion rechargeable Battery, and as we know, these types eventually die-out in recharging capability after years of use. Everything dies anyway, just hope you can outlast your battery. Enough with morbid thoughts. My guess is, the Li-Ion Battery is locally available. And, when the sun is shining like crazy, you are outdoors, you're standing right on the earth's equator, the LCD is a little bit unreadable. Some other minor operational nuisance will always be around but what it offers over-all, will make you forget some. I'll put my head with this review, by saying, this month of June 2005, the Digilife's DDV-S670 DV Camera is one of the best tapeless DV Camera available in the Philippines today. Go look for one! It’s Easy!

(If you happen to see a better one, tell me and please spare my head.)