life-is-a-piece-of-cake-4.jpg fruitcake eraserheads eraserheads, fruitcake, t-shirt, tee, design fruitcake t-shirt Life is a piece of cake t-shirt

Christmas is around the corner, and it is the season for being happy and so we got this cool joyful tee. Why not get one tee for the season?

Eraserheads’ Fruitcake inspired t-shirt. This Fruitcake tee is an EP release t-shirt, “especially produced” for this season only.


Available for men. And, there’s a b-side for every t-shirt… and so, this is available in ladies’ tees as well.

Make a buy, it’s alright.

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Get to know Models

I made these 7 steps last week but I beta tested it a year ago and it somehow worked but never really pushed it to the limit because, you know. You know.

  1. Check out trade shows & events sched, pick the interesting ones.
  2. Bring your camera, preferably the big black bold camera for a professional look
  3. Shoot em up models
  4. This is the trickiest part... casually engage them on simple talk, first by asking what products are they promoting then its up to you to bring it on.
  5. If you're torpedo guy, all is not lost! After taking a pic, some of them will say, patingin naman! That's the first step for you and her to become BFFs.
  6. By this time, you can say to her, I can email this pic to you. Or better, I can MMS this to you. Many will give their email addresses and if you're lucky dude, the mobile number. Once you have the contact details, at least you got the first base.
  7. Assuming your average in this trick is, 1 out of 10, that's not bad man. 1 cutie model BFF is better than not trying.

A lot of them cute models are smart too so bring your A-game. I dont know why, but this m.o. works better on petite models than the Guidaben tall types.

I posted this here.


Furniture Design (Divider, Shelves, Mirror, Dining Table, Console Table)

Zirc-Zag Space Divider - Featuring two bold looking red solid posts, anchoring the zig-zag panels with holes. Used to be, you’ll see a furniture of this make only in high-end furniture stores and homes. Now, no more. It will be made and priced mid-range but undoubtedly, a furniture with high-end look.


Bath Shelves - With off-angled wood framing, holding the thick glass layers.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (1)

POSH Rounded Mirror, with inner framing. I don’t know but I feel a sense of good luck vibe in this design. Get this limited make mirror soon and get the good luck charm I feel. Let me mention too, that we use imported high quality no-ghosting mirror.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (2)

4-Seater mega-solid dining table. Highlighted by 2 circular holes at the cross solid base. Now that’s a dining room table: clean, graphic and modern.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (3)

The YCON Console Table – With it’s two-toned design and architectural edge, this furniture is pretty to look at. It’s wide and double layered too for more storage & display options.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (4)

CONTY Table Console. A living space statement piece. Straight edge table top in contrast with the curved legs makes this piece a winner. All solid wood.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (5)

ZEBELIN Wide 4-Seater Dining Table. Incorporates sexy tapered legs and 3 solid panels. With matching dining chairs to boot, a dining table set to dine for.

furniture-custom-design-philippines (6)

Enough with the drawings for now. See the custom-made, ready-made, philippine-made, lovingly-yours-made furniture in here.


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DIY Gift


  • Buy canvass & acrylic
  • From bed, jump on this piece and work on your project
  • Don’t eat your breakfast
  • Spend one and half hours
  • Slap the acrylics, the black white red and yellow
  • And somehow, hope something “edible” will come up
  • Frame it and present your artwork to your loved one
  • Congratulations, now you save P2000.00. Less P500, cost of canvass, acrylic and frame, you’ll have P1500.00
  • That P1500 you can use to buy furniture then.

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Life is a piece of tee, err, cake!

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Home Furniture Designs

We draw em! We make em! We sell em!*

*em - furniture

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Cars @ CEL

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Consumer Electronics Live (CEL) Manila

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From drawing --- to the thing

I posted a laptop table design last Nov 14 and just 3 days, I now have the piece and ready-made. Take it home.

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Quiapo Kids

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