Reverse Engineer

I can feel this t-shirt print. Sa mga ma-abilidad na engineers & engineering students, this is a fitting t-shirt.

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Office, On The Move

A diary-ish post, a life-log... We are moving out of our current office space. And moving in to a new base, a little bigger @ 40 square meters, still at Makati City, 2-storey unit, 2 cute stock rooms inside, 24 hours security, has its own T&B, a park slot, etc.

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Ringo is the Greatest

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Mark 47 T-Shirt Design

Featuring in Ginebra red colors, mark's face, a dribbling silhouette, mark 47, with AK47 black highlight...

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Globe Bradband, Tattoo

I got myself this globe mobile broadband internet package, the globe tattoo. The artist formerly known as globe visibility prepaid.

This is a just rebranding and the guys there at Globe just licked the USB Huawei dongle and put on this funky tattoo sticker. Just a marketing trick. No upgrade whatever. If any, that sticker could only just hinder better reception. And that sticker altogether keeps you from not seeing the LEDs indicator. I removed that useless sticker.

I got the prepaid version precisely to have the option to throw this piece in case it gives me NO internet feed/signal in places I frequent. If you're interested in getting the Globe postpaid broadband, I suggest you borrow a stick first and try it before getting a postpaid account with a troublesome lock-out period of 2 years.

The Tattoo globe prepiad costs P1895, but no lock-out period and easy to load. Simple load trasnfer phone is phone and you're done. Also has SIM included (you can send & receive text via PC.)

Anyways, I've read 1245 reviews of Globe mobile and 1240 of em are negative reviews so I a not expecting lot out of this. I just use this as back up net connection coz I don;t like to use my phone as my internet backup.

Ok Ill rate this now. I'll compare this Globe Tattoo with my pee. For some reasons, it's fairly strong only in the mornings and intermittent during the day.

So they better put that "intermittent" word on their product statement...

Globe Tattoo, This Is My Internet...


Globe Tattoo, This Is My (Intermittent) Internet

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Elvis Red Tab Tee

Red tab, Elvis P. T-shirt. Will soon rock & roll over at s-cred.com.

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Do Not Do These In The Pool Hall

We played pool last night. And, during the time I was on “sit-out”, I came up with some donts in pool/billiards hall that could result for optimum play and more importantly, keep you out of trouble inside pool hall.

I got 15-balls for the dont’s.

Let’s break it down!

  1. Don’t friggin enter the pool hall in chaleco, and on full battle gear. That’s just cheesy.
  2. Don’t covet thy next table’s player’s chick.
  3. Don’t pick thy neighbor’s chalk (tisa). (And somewhat related, don’t take home the house chalk)
  4. Don’t stand around near the table or worse, circle around the table when it’s not your turn.
  5. Do not look at the sexy spotter’s arse and/or cleavage.
  6. Subsequently, do not look at ladies players’ arse/cleavage while playing. But for super sexy chick players, OK, go ahead look a little. Get a glimpse so you’ll be inspired to shoot!
  7. Don’t smoke where it is prohibited.
  8. Don’t turn the pool table as your ash tray or beer top. Also, don’t turn the table as your scoreboard. Some people write down scores straight to cloth and rails. Please don’t.
  9. Don’t make unnecessary noise when your opponent is aiming and shooting.
  10. Don’t bring your camera inside the hall, this is just a distraction if you are out FTW.
  11. Don’t effin request for photo ops and autographs every time you see Django Bustamante and Boy Samson Luat in the house.
  12. Don’t flirt with the waitress if your age is 60 years old and above. BUT, if you are fairly young, go ahead feel free to flirt. I hereby declare, it is OK!
  13. Don’t friggin turn yourself into a commentator while watching others’ play. Especially if you don’t know them.
  14. And for Crissakes, if its non-tournament game, don’t clap after a great shot.
  15. FINALLY… Do not effin shout “SET! SET!” when requesting for table set. One word is fine. That is, SET! (This is one great mystery to me. Why, when calling for table reset, players tend to say… “SET! SET!”)


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FrancisM Image

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Charcoal Memories

I made this charcoal baby portrait March of 2007. I gave this as birthday gift.

And, I made another baby charcoal drawing on September the 29th of 2007. I remember finishing the portrait inside 3 hours 'coz my nephew is celebrating his 8th month birthday that afternoon of 29th.

...and you'll feel getting old if in a snap (some 2 years), the babies in charcoal are now two kid-cousins, all grown up. Both not yet ready court little girls but surely quite a handle for their lola and two yayas.

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The Beatles, with LOVE


Here's another shot of the LOVE Resin decor that we sell. With The Beatles as the background. I shot this for an assignment at a basic photo seminar I attended last Sept. 08.

Purposely shot in mind, the classic cool Beatles song, All You Need Is Love.

This LOVE is for sale.

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Felt/Pad Protects The Floor

To protect your floors (especially vinyl tile floors & linoleum) from scratches & cuts, one good protector to use is this felt/pads. The photo shown has built-in nail and used specifically on wood furniture footing/surface. Easy to use, just hammer the pads to the surface and walah, your done. Some variety has self-adhesive, therefore you can stick ‘em to other materials such as metal, laminate, aluminum, glass, ceramic, etc. This is widely available in your favorite hardware stores like Ace Hardware, Handyman and other hardware stores on the block and goes about P10.00 a piece.

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NEW T-Shirts Colors, for OLD Designs

bananatype t-shirt ishoot customized t-shirt tvj alamat salamat t-shirt wanbol t-shirt

Please click the pics for their respective pages.

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Bamboo, Up Close

bamboo-droplet-2 bamboo-droplet-4 bamboo-droplet-5 bamboo-droplet-3

Bamboo, in focus… both in photo (macro) and in description, as used in construction.

When treated, bamboo forms a very hard wood which is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. In tropical climates it is used in elements of house construction, construction scaffolding, as a substitute for steel reinforcing rods in concrete construction, and so on. Modern companies are also attempting to popularize bamboo flooring made of bamboo pieces steamed, flattened, glued together, finished, and cut. However, bamboo wood is easily infested by wood-boring insects unless treated with wood preservatives or kept very dry. A lot of institutes and universities are working on the bamboo as an ecological construction material. It is possible to get in the United States and France houses 100% made with bamboo, earthquake and cyclone-resistant, with international certification. Three ISO standards are for bamboo as construction material. Fromwiki.

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Flowers & Plants Inside Your Home

Are there flowers in your home right now?

If none, I recommended getting a bunch.

Thinking Feng-Shui-ish, flowers can your spirits, make a room brighter and energize your home. No only that, having flowers is a beautiful way to greet your visitors… some flowers can give refreshing scent… and don’t forget that flowers easily add physical beauty to a room.

So, why not get a bundle of three, a bouquet, a vase of freshly picked roses or heck, even the whole enchilada, a whole potted plant with blooming flowers. A big time bonus, these plants give off oxygen into the air. WOW FREE CLEAN OXYGEN.

And, in no time of course, these flowers should dry up. By then, their service aint done. You could collect dried flowers and leaves and use these as potpourri. Still great display… why not dump this dried flowers onto a bowl of water and put floating candles too. (others tough prefer not have “dead” leaves & flowers inside their homes to do away with the geagative energy)

In the Philippines, roses are the fave, no question. Other option is Sampaguita, beaded necklace Sampaguita can be place on altars. Feng-shui says, its great to have wooden plants inside your home, you know, those little bamboo type plants. BTW, wood represents growth & wealth.

Problem is, flowers aint cheap in Metro Manila. You can buy flowers from mall or the nearest market. But the cheapest way to get flowers in Metro Manila is at Dangwa (I think it’s Sampaloc), Quiapo too. The easiest way albeit more expensive, is via online flower shops that operate in the Philippines. Another wise option if living in Metro is get a flower-bearing-plant that can survive the indoors, the metro-heat and metro-pollution. By the way, growing this plant is another challenge and fun stuff on its own.

In rural and sub-urban areas areas, getting flower bundle is easier and cheaper, local palengke has flower stalls. And growing plants/flowers there is easier as well. Easily, so you can grow like roses with no problems at all. Again, growing plants on its own, will give you pleasure and a stress-relieving exercise as well.

Be it in your office, kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom, use the power of flower all the time.

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Send Money w/ Gcash Thru Friendster

Globe and TM subscribers can now send money to each other on Friendster using GCASH. Turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet with GCASH and send money remittance, pay bills, and to pay for a variety of products and services. To get started, simply register your mobile number with Friendster.

What is GCASH? A related GCASH entry here.

Friendster says… GCASH is Globe Telecom’s mobile commerce service that turns your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. With GCASH, both Globe and TM subscribers can send money to other Globe and TM subscribers via text messages. GCASH can be used to send money remittance, to pay bills, and to pay for a variety of products and services.

How to use gcash on Friendster?

  • First, register your Globe mobile number on Friendster by texting REG
    to 2276.
  • Visit your home page. You’ll now see a “Send GCASH” link under “My Tools” (you must be logged into Friendster to see this).
  • Click on “Send GCASH” and you’ll see a list of friends that also have enabled GCASH on Friendster. Click on the friend you’d like to send GCASH to, enter the amount and click “Send”.
  • You can also send GCASH to any GCASH-enabled Globe or TM number. Click the Globe / TM number tab, enter the mobile number, enter the amount and click “Send”.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm the transaction with your 4-digit MPIN. Just follow the instructions you see on Friendster, and your friend will receive GCASH from you!
What's great with this G-Cash inside Friendster is that trade or online exchange could happen. Thereby boosting online commerce in the Philippines. There is a 2.50 peso charge for every trasfer or transaction processed by Friendster-Gcash.

What's not good about having a money transfer scheme inside Friendster, I am expecting the possibility of more "give-me-load, I'll do a private web-show" modus operandi in there.

BTW, I have gcash account, I have friendster account and I have a webcam. Just saying. =)

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Singing through loose guitar strings...

It's been a week since I held my (soon to retire decade old) guitar. The neck of my guitar already wants to file for divorce with its body. Thus, every once in a while (damn, that's a song line) it's out of tune coz of loose strings. Still, pede pa naman. But it's due for replacement.

...I listened to Francis' Kaleidoscope World during my drive as I battle the Roxas Blvd traffic earlier today. Pag-uwi I searched for the chords of KW and tried singing it myself. Surprisingly, chords are easy and song is vox-box super-friendly. Try em...

G Am
So many faces, so many races
Bm C
Different voices, different choices
G Am
Some are mad, while others laugh
Bm C
Some live alone with no better half
G Am
Others grieve while others curse
Bm C
And others mourn behind a big black hearse
G Am
Some are pure and some half-bred
Bm C
Some are sober and some are wasted
G Am
Some are rich because of fate and
Bm C
Some are poor with no food on their plate
G Am
Some stand out while others blend
Bm C
Some are fat and stout while some are thin

G Am
Some are friends and some are foes
Bm C
Some have some while some have most


G Am
Every color and every hue
Bm C
Is represented by me and you
G Am
Take a slide in the slope
Bm C
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
G Am
Spinnin round, make it twirl
Bm C
In this kaleidoscope world

(Do Stanza Chords)
Some are great and some are few
Others lie while some tell the truth
Some say poems and some do sing
Others sing through their guitar strings
Some know it all while some act dumb
Let the bassline strum to the bang of the drum
Some can swim while some will sink
And some will find their minds and think
Others walk while others run
You cant talk peace and have a gun
Some are hurt and start to cry
Dont ask me how dont ask me why
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
(repeat chorus)

Dunno if this is the right chords, but to me it sounded ok.


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Tes-Bun Test

Akoy di makatulog
Kaya nang-bulabog
Nagyaya ng photoshoot
Sa misis kong antuk

Sabi nya gabi na anu ba yan
Kaya nag-isip ng paraan
Pa'no kaya mapapabangon
Ang babaeng tes-bun

Kaya bigla ko naisip
Ang papatok ng gimik
Ishoot na lang namin
Ang success na pang-testing

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Havaianas Solo Shoot

In the middle of the silent night, I played around with the havs and gave the slip-ons the time of its life. I gave it, one-on-one photoshoot. After this shoot, it will go to where its supposed to be, back to earth.

Speaking of slip-ons... A different story altogether...

Manila Vanilla’s Air Tsinelas. Here’s a take on Pinoy’s brand of basketball playing on, as the author puts, “pancake rubber” AKA, tsinelas. Nice work.

To add… Nung araw, Spartan brand is the king of Air Tsinelas, tigas nito ‘Pre! For the sosi Air Tsinelas, I think we got the “Beach Walk.” And you think Beach Walk, already priced low would dominate the market? Not for long. The Air Tsinelas market got a little more competitive after the release of the “Beach Walk” clone, the “Sun Beach.”

For the porma Air Tsinelas, we got the “Islander.” It’s on the thicker side to use as ball gear, but at least, you have a little more presentable chinelas pag mangliligaw ka sa kanto. Meron pa ngang RAMBO (or rambbo), I could go on.

Today, Havaianas is the way to go. The simpler ones hovers around P600.

I bought the Havaianas yesterday, P1200 for a pair. The photos above, priceless. =)

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Marking this day...

Today is Eheads 'D (Final Set) Day.

Over at noontime show Eat Bulaga, It's FrancisM Day.

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Shelves, On Display

One of Leoque’s quick selling items is the solid wood, no-bracket needed, shelf kit. And why not? See samples below, the panels are easy to install… easily complement any home design… and easy on the eye.

Below pic is from Ms. Joy and she perfectly used the shelves for books and files…


This photo below is from a house-for-rent over at Laguna. The rich dark wenge finish of the shelves and the maroon-red wall is a match made in heaven…


Next down, we supplied this to Ramos family, and their photo frames found home. Beautiful picture onto the beautiful shelves…


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This is a not ride, but a true-blue, a true-red, true-yellow, homage to Kiko.

Madalang tayong mag-idolo ng sagad, pero mga kababayan, si Kiko ay isa sa tunay na ini-idolo ko, ini-idolo ng mga Pilipino, ini-idolo ng buong Pilipinas.

Kiko influenced tayong mga pinoy in a lot ways, sa musika, sa pananamit, sa kultura ng pop, sa tamang pagmamahal sa bansa, sa pagsunod sa plano ng Diyos, sa pag-papahalaga sa pamilya at kaibigan, sa larangan ng paglikha at marami pang iba. We'll miss Kiko and his many many many contributions but his legacy in this world will surely go on and flourish.

May he rest in peace.

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Project: Philippine Hotel Guide

I have this pending project that is pending no more... a directory of hotels in the Philippines.

I placed it inside bLINK (AKA, blog LINK), put it on a subdomain, and again, I used the cool Wordpress as the publishing platform.

http://hotel.blink.ph - Philippine Hotel Guide.

I logged 6 hours on this project (excluding the encoding of the hotels' details, an assistant typed it for me). Four hours yesterday (12:30 to 4:30), then another hour last night, and another 1 hour today (March 6th).

A quickie project where we list Philippine hotels indexed per location and with direct telephone numbers for inquiry, booking & reservation. At every page of this site, see sidebar, listed are Philippine hotels categorized per province or city/town.

(What I get from this? Besides adding up another site in bag, and besides loading the site with some ads, this site is also a test site for my own self study, Do-It-Yourself SEO learning.)

In the coming days, we will still manually add up some entries to make the directory bigger.

We would like to grow this directory even more, thus additions on this Philippine Hotel Guide are very much welcome. Please submit new entries using this form. And, we would like this Philippine Hotel Guide/Directory to be as accurate as possible. Any corrections, updates, additional details you would like us to add and change, please send us a note using this form.

On your next country tripping, please check our site for some Philippine hotels.

Bon Voyage!

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