Havaianas Solo Shoot

In the middle of the silent night, I played around with the havs and gave the slip-ons the time of its life. I gave it, one-on-one photoshoot. After this shoot, it will go to where its supposed to be, back to earth.

Speaking of slip-ons... A different story altogether...

Manila Vanilla’s Air Tsinelas. Here’s a take on Pinoy’s brand of basketball playing on, as the author puts, “pancake rubber” AKA, tsinelas. Nice work.

To add… Nung araw, Spartan brand is the king of Air Tsinelas, tigas nito ‘Pre! For the sosi Air Tsinelas, I think we got the “Beach Walk.” And you think Beach Walk, already priced low would dominate the market? Not for long. The Air Tsinelas market got a little more competitive after the release of the “Beach Walk” clone, the “Sun Beach.”

For the porma Air Tsinelas, we got the “Islander.” It’s on the thicker side to use as ball gear, but at least, you have a little more presentable chinelas pag mangliligaw ka sa kanto. Meron pa ngang RAMBO (or rambbo), I could go on.

Today, Havaianas is the way to go. The simpler ones hovers around P600.

I bought the Havaianas yesterday, P1200 for a pair. The photos above, priceless. =)

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