I salute Pinoys... Welcome Back Kenneth!

After I questioned our LAHI on my last journal, folks, it's now time to salute the Filipino values.

Today, my cousin dropped by, rather climbed by our home para icheck ang aking gitarang pulpol, to check out some silly love songs and have a PS2 mano-y-mano.

After all done (well, not all, my effing PS2 was not in the mood to read pirated game disk so no game play), we went to the nearest sisig-tosilog eatery sa gilid ng Pasay Road.

To (try to) make this unbelievable story short, after eating we went separate ways.

I got back to work after lunch.

Whilst doing some spreadsheet, I needed to check my wallet and it's nowhere to be found. Then, it dawned on me. NA-WA-WA-LA WAL-LET KO. After 15 minutes of frantic & futile search, i'm ready to puke just thinking that the wallet is gone. Cash is not important, but the IDs, the cards, the receipts, photos and the most important... I got one sheet of paper in my wallet where all my internet passwords (emails, banking, user accounts, database passwords, all of 'em are written sa papel). Thinking how one could access all these, it is unimaginable to nth degree.

Then I went down to check sa oto baka nalimiutan ko kagabi dun. Wala! Then, I remember, baka nagdala pa ako ng wallet on our way to the eatery nearby during lunch. Though I am not even 50% postive a nagdala ako ng wallet. So there I went back.

Inside the eatery, I approached the old lady (let's call her Aling Chedeng, trip ko lang) and before I was able to even say something, she said... "ANO YUNG WALLET? "

Goodness gracious, what an honest bunch. Aling Chedeng and her crew returned my wallet and all the contents. Pati the lame P700 na kawawang laman ay nandun. All are in. I could not thank them enough. Really, how can I thank them. Sa lito ko, I did not even offer monetary rewards, and bak di din tanggapin. Siguro I will just eat there more often and give more tip than just the usual 10 - 15 bucks. I just said something, you people are all good, God bless you all.

On my part, 3 things learned:

  1. I need to effing take care of my wallet.
  2. I need to keep the paper password elsewhere and NOT in my wallet.
  3. Do not underestimate the goodness and values of Filipinos, marami pa rin pa lang mabait, tapat, and righteous Pinoys.

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