Thou Shall Not Steal 25 Petot, Thou Shall Not Coveth Your Neighbours' Seat

Take It No. 1

I ordered processed water yesterday (ash wednesday - first day of the lent - a time of repentance) but I needed to take a bath, ako lang tao sa bahay and no one will be able to pay the water boy once he knocks on the door, rings the bell... and delivers the water. So, ang nakasanayan, ilabas sa may pinto/hallway ang empty container, put the P25.00 on top and like in the old days of barter trade, he'll just get the 25 bucks and leave the water there. This is the practice for months. Pero iba kahapon. Alas, even before I am done, at bago dumating ang waterboy, may isang taong kumuha ng P25.00. Ala Jay Leno... you know, the economy is so bad... when people are stealing P25.00. What the? Like 25.00? Isang C2?

Take It No. 2

Ash wed yesterday and we attended a mass. As expected, more people ang nandun, catholics are like that, pag may "special occasion" lang mas fully-packed ang church. Anyways, puno na inside, but they've setup monobloc seats outside the church. And so we were able to get 2 chairs. After few mins, it was SRO na. At the time of "reminding ash" eh no choice but iwanan ang valued monoblocs. But alas, after the ash crossing, pagbalik, the 2 ladies na nakatayo at our side gladly took the opportunity and our seats. Buti na lang, ash wednesday and the homily is to forgive. Otherwise, I could have asked them, "akala ko ash wednesday now, a** wednesday ba?"

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Blogger Pura said...

"he economy is so bad... when people are stealing P25.00"

^^ well, you should take good care of the little money you have. so no one will be tempted to steal it..

10:41 PM


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