Project: Philippine Hotel Guide

I have this pending project that is pending no more... a directory of hotels in the Philippines.

I placed it inside bLINK (AKA, blog LINK), put it on a subdomain, and again, I used the cool Wordpress as the publishing platform.

http://hotel.blink.ph - Philippine Hotel Guide.

I logged 6 hours on this project (excluding the encoding of the hotels' details, an assistant typed it for me). Four hours yesterday (12:30 to 4:30), then another hour last night, and another 1 hour today (March 6th).

A quickie project where we list Philippine hotels indexed per location and with direct telephone numbers for inquiry, booking & reservation. At every page of this site, see sidebar, listed are Philippine hotels categorized per province or city/town.

(What I get from this? Besides adding up another site in bag, and besides loading the site with some ads, this site is also a test site for my own self study, Do-It-Yourself SEO learning.)

In the coming days, we will still manually add up some entries to make the directory bigger.

We would like to grow this directory even more, thus additions on this Philippine Hotel Guide are very much welcome. Please submit new entries using this form. And, we would like this Philippine Hotel Guide/Directory to be as accurate as possible. Any corrections, updates, additional details you would like us to add and change, please send us a note using this form.

On your next country tripping, please check our site for some Philippine hotels.

Bon Voyage!

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