Do Not Do These In The Pool Hall

We played pool last night. And, during the time I was on “sit-out”, I came up with some donts in pool/billiards hall that could result for optimum play and more importantly, keep you out of trouble inside pool hall.

I got 15-balls for the dont’s.

Let’s break it down!

  1. Don’t friggin enter the pool hall in chaleco, and on full battle gear. That’s just cheesy.
  2. Don’t covet thy next table’s player’s chick.
  3. Don’t pick thy neighbor’s chalk (tisa). (And somewhat related, don’t take home the house chalk)
  4. Don’t stand around near the table or worse, circle around the table when it’s not your turn.
  5. Do not look at the sexy spotter’s arse and/or cleavage.
  6. Subsequently, do not look at ladies players’ arse/cleavage while playing. But for super sexy chick players, OK, go ahead look a little. Get a glimpse so you’ll be inspired to shoot!
  7. Don’t smoke where it is prohibited.
  8. Don’t turn the pool table as your ash tray or beer top. Also, don’t turn the table as your scoreboard. Some people write down scores straight to cloth and rails. Please don’t.
  9. Don’t make unnecessary noise when your opponent is aiming and shooting.
  10. Don’t bring your camera inside the hall, this is just a distraction if you are out FTW.
  11. Don’t effin request for photo ops and autographs every time you see Django Bustamante and Boy Samson Luat in the house.
  12. Don’t flirt with the waitress if your age is 60 years old and above. BUT, if you are fairly young, go ahead feel free to flirt. I hereby declare, it is OK!
  13. Don’t friggin turn yourself into a commentator while watching others’ play. Especially if you don’t know them.
  14. And for Crissakes, if its non-tournament game, don’t clap after a great shot.
  15. FINALLY… Do not effin shout “SET! SET!” when requesting for table set. One word is fine. That is, SET! (This is one great mystery to me. Why, when calling for table reset, players tend to say… “SET! SET!”)


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