Flowers & Plants Inside Your Home

Are there flowers in your home right now?

If none, I recommended getting a bunch.

Thinking Feng-Shui-ish, flowers can your spirits, make a room brighter and energize your home. No only that, having flowers is a beautiful way to greet your visitors… some flowers can give refreshing scent… and don’t forget that flowers easily add physical beauty to a room.

So, why not get a bundle of three, a bouquet, a vase of freshly picked roses or heck, even the whole enchilada, a whole potted plant with blooming flowers. A big time bonus, these plants give off oxygen into the air. WOW FREE CLEAN OXYGEN.

And, in no time of course, these flowers should dry up. By then, their service aint done. You could collect dried flowers and leaves and use these as potpourri. Still great display… why not dump this dried flowers onto a bowl of water and put floating candles too. (others tough prefer not have “dead” leaves & flowers inside their homes to do away with the geagative energy)

In the Philippines, roses are the fave, no question. Other option is Sampaguita, beaded necklace Sampaguita can be place on altars. Feng-shui says, its great to have wooden plants inside your home, you know, those little bamboo type plants. BTW, wood represents growth & wealth.

Problem is, flowers aint cheap in Metro Manila. You can buy flowers from mall or the nearest market. But the cheapest way to get flowers in Metro Manila is at Dangwa (I think it’s Sampaloc), Quiapo too. The easiest way albeit more expensive, is via online flower shops that operate in the Philippines. Another wise option if living in Metro is get a flower-bearing-plant that can survive the indoors, the metro-heat and metro-pollution. By the way, growing this plant is another challenge and fun stuff on its own.

In rural and sub-urban areas areas, getting flower bundle is easier and cheaper, local palengke has flower stalls. And growing plants/flowers there is easier as well. Easily, so you can grow like roses with no problems at all. Again, growing plants on its own, will give you pleasure and a stress-relieving exercise as well.

Be it in your office, kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom, use the power of flower all the time.

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